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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Cat Goes Alone Rusconi DEE860901611 2:31
Alice in the Sky Rusconi feat. Fred Frith CH9221100004 10:26
Almost Alive Rusconi CH2170648004 6:08
Ankor Rusconi 5:05
Ballade for N Rusconi CH0700100316 5:47
Berlin Blues Rusconi CH9221100001 3:49
Bleistift Rusconi CH2170648007 2:56
Bribe the Wrong Guy Rusconi DEE860801070 1:52
Change (Part One) Rusconi 4:43
Chihiro’s World Rusconi 4:14
Circle 1 Rusconi CH2170648010 0:42
Daddy Buy Me a Pony Rusconi CH2170648005 2:51
Dead Man Walking Rusconi DEE860801069 2:19
Died Peacefully Rusconi CH0700100314 3:32
Dirt Rusconi CH0700100312 5:55
Fall Out Rusconi 1:51
False Awakening Rusconi CH9221100006 2:00
Finally Rusconi 2:25
Girl With the Dancing Silver Shoes Rusconi DEE860801073 5:47
Helsinki Rusconi DEE860801071 2:43
Hits of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg) Rusconi DEE860901615 8:40
Hits of Sunshine (live in Bielefeld) Rusconi CH9221100008 9:09
Hoarfrost Rusconi DEE860901607 4:30
Iceland Rusconi CH0700100315 5:59
Into the Heart Rusconi DEE860901614 5:20
Kaonashi Rusconi CH9221100005 3:02
Karen Revisited Rusconi DEE860901609 3:02
Kings Rusconi CH2170648011 4:14
Massage the History Again Rusconi CH9221100002 7:11
Meditation Rusconi 7:43
Milk Rusconi CH9221100003 3:53
Mille feuille Rusconi 4:41
Old Man Tellin' a Story Rusconi CH2170648002 4:20
One Up Down Left Right Rusconi DEE860801068 3:38
One Up Down Left Right Rusconi 4:32
Parvis Rusconi CH0700100313 4:32
Perla Moda Rusconi DEE860801075 3:16
Playbox Rusconi DEE860801065 3:14
Point of No Return Rusconi DEE860801066 5:43
Robak Rusconi CH0700100311 3:28
Rotkäppchen Rusconi CH2170648008 5:31
Scene 1 Rusconi CH0700100310 1:43
Schizophrenia Rusconi DEE860901608 2:47
Secret Girl Rusconi DEE860901616 1:59
Skip Tracer Rusconi DEE860901613 2:56
So Far Rusconi DEE860801074 4:13
So Far Rusconi ?:??
Sojus Dream Rusconi 14:47
Stadtmitte Rusconi DEE860801067 4:05
Stella Rusconi CH2170648003 4:31
Stop and Go Rusconi CH2170648001 4:12
Sunday Rusconi DEE860901606 3:27
Tempelhof Rusconi CH9221100007 3:43
The Destroyed Room Rusconi DEE860901610 1:47
The Destroyed Room Rusconi 2:42
The Return of the Corkies Rusconi 3:48
The Wind Is Blowing Rusconi DEE860901619 3:18
Theresa's Sound World Rusconi DEE860901612 4:55
Theresa’s Sound-World (live in Duisburg) Rusconi CH9221100009 3:59
Till Dawn Rusconi DEE860801076 2:22
Together Rusconi CH0700100318 6:10
Transmission Rusconi CH2170648006 3:27
Tripping Rusconi DEE860801072 4:52
Twisted Rusconi 2:41
Uncrowned Kings Rusconi CH0700100317 5:47
Universe Relocated Rusconi 3:26
Unmade Bed Rusconi DEE860901617 3:25
Unwind Rusconi DEE860901618 3:51
World Rusconi CH2170648009 5:44
Yogya Trip Rusconi 5:09

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