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This is a Special Purpose Artist.

For some reason, a lot of releases are also listed under Dan Gibson.

I think most releases under this SPA should be categorized as "Type: Other". -- HumHumXX

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Year Title RatingReleases
BBC Sound Effects Library, Volume 44: Cats 1
Bird Songs of the Rocky Mountain States and Provinces 1
Caribbean Surf 1
Cloud Fantasy 1
Cool Mountain Stream 1
Country Stream 1
Crackling Fire 1
Desert Scapes 1
Dimanche à la mer 1
Dog Pound Found Sound 1
Enchanting Everglades 1
Escape to Serenity: Amazing Amazon 1
Escape to Serenity: Thundering Rainstorm (Enhanced With Music) 1
Escape to Serenity: Thunderstorm 1
Fresh Country Rain 1
Gentle Persuasion 1
Golden Pond (Enhanced With Music) 1
In Harmony With Nature, Volume 1 2
In Harmony With Nature: Sounds of the Night 1
In Harmony With Nature: Whispering Winds 1
Le bonheur est dans le pré 1
Majestic Waterfall 1
Melody of the Lost Lake 1
Mer : Le Bercement des vagues 1
Mers & océans 1
Mers & océans 1
Mountain Retreat 1
Mountain Streams 1
Natuers Classical Relaxation 1
Nature après la pluie 1
Nature Music: Sound Bites 1
Nature Recordings: Thunderstorm 1
Nature's Classical Relaxation 1
Nature's Relaxing Sounds: Bayou 1
Nature's Relaxing Sounds: Lords of the Deep 1
Nature's Relaxing Sounds: Mountain High 1
Nature's Relaxing Sounds: Romeo et Juliette 1
Nature's Relaxing Sounds: The Vanishing Rain Forest 1
Nature's Relaxing Sounds: Thundering Rainstorm 1
NorthSound: Wilderness Thunderstorm 1
Ocean Relaxing Surf 1
Ocean Surf 1
Ocean Surf 1
Ocean Surf 1
Ocean Waves 1
Peaceful Evening in the Country 1
Rain and Thunder 1
Rain Forest 1
Raindrops 1
Rains Musical Massage 1
Rainstorm 1
Relax to the Soothing Sounds of Nature 1
Relax With Nature 3 1
Relax With Nature, Volume 2: Tranquil Summer Garden 1
Relax With Nature, Volume 4: Woodland Nightfall 1
Relax With Nature, Volume 5: Mountain Stream 1
Relax With Nature, Volume 6: Forest Raindrops 1
Relax With Nature, Volume 9: Monastery Garden 1
Relax With Nature, Volume 10: Rainforest 1
Relax With Nature, Volume 14: Underwater Cave 1
Relax With Nature, Volume 16: Jungle 1
Relax With Nature, Volume 17: Tropical Night 1
Relax With Thundering Rainstorm (Enhanced With Music) 1
Relax With Wind Chimes 1
Relax With... Crackling Fire 1
Relax With... Golden Pond 1
Relax With... Ocean's Relaxing Surf 1
Relax With... Sampler (Sounds of Nature) 1
Relax With... Song of the Dolphins (Enhanced With Music) 1
Relax With... Song of the Whales (Enhanced With Music) 1
Relaxation & Meditation With Music & Nature: Carmel by the Sea 1
Relaxation Soundscape: Outback Morning 1
River of Dreams 1
Rolling Thunder 1
Sailing 1
Serenity: Night of the Owl 1
Serenity: The Mystic Sea 1
Sieste sous le figuier 1
Song of the Whales 1
Songbirds of the Morning 1
Sons da Natureza: Alpine Flow: The Fountain of Life 1
Soothing Tropical Surf 1
Sound of a Summer's Evening 1
Sound of Sea Wave Nature: Music 1
Sounds of Nature: Mountain Streams 1
Sounds of Nature: Ocean Waves 1
Sounds of Nature: Pine Forest 1
Sounds of Nature: Thundering Rainstorm 1
Sounds of Nature: Thunderstorms & Rain 1
Sounds of Rainstorms and Nature 1
Sounds of the Bayou 1
Sounds of the Earth 1
Sounds of the Okefenokee Swamp 1
Stormy Seas 1
Swim With the Dolphins 1
The Atmosphere Collection: Thunderstorm 1
The Cry of the Loon 1
The Essence of Relaxation 1
The Musical Sea of Tranquility 1
The Natural Recordings Sampler, Volume 1: Earth, Sea & Sky 1

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