[nature sounds] (Special Purpose Artist)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Collared dove [nature sounds] 0:48
Collared Dove [nature sounds] 0:53
Collared Dove [nature sounds] 1:05
Collared Dove [nature sounds] 0:57
Collared Dove [nature sounds] 0:51
Collared Dove [nature sounds] 0:49
Collared Dove [nature sounds] 0:07
Collared Dove [nature sounds] 0:54
Colours of the Wind Moods of Nature 4:21
Common crow [nature sounds] 0:58
Common Crow [nature sounds] 0:55
Common Dolphins [nature sounds] 5:35
Common Goldeneye [nature sounds] ?:??
Common Grackle [nature sounds] 1:43
Common Gull [nature sounds] 0:50
Common Gull [nature sounds] 0:44
Common Loon [nature sounds] 2:30
Common Loon [nature sounds] 3:19
Common Loon and Pacific Tree Frog [nature sounds] 0:58
Common Merganser [nature sounds] ?:??
Common Merganser [nature sounds] 1:09
Common Moorhen [nature sounds] 0:45
Common Raven [nature sounds] 1:52
Common Raven [nature sounds] 1:12
Common Raven and Bald Eagle [nature sounds] 1:05
Common Redstart [nature sounds] 2:06
Common Sandpiper [nature sounds] 1:07
Common Sandpiper [nature sounds] 1:15
Common Sandpiper [nature sounds] 1:24
Common Sandpiper [nature sounds] 0:11
Common Scoter [nature sounds] 1:13
Common Snipe [nature sounds] ?:??
Common Tern [nature sounds] 0:47
Common Tern [nature sounds] 1:05
Common Tern [nature sounds] 0:31
Common Yellowthroat [nature sounds] 2:03
Common Yellowthroat [nature sounds] 0:46
Common Yellowthroat [nature sounds] 2:44
Comparison Low Calls: Greylag, Pinkfoot, Whitefront [nature sounds] 0:18
Computer Start Up, Run, Shut Down [nature sounds] 2:17
Computer, Data, Bad Data Link, Heavy Distortion and Interference, Office [nature sounds] 1:19
Computer, Floppy Disk Load 5 1/4 Inch Floppy Disk, Slow [nature sounds] 1:25
Computer, Hard Drive, Computer Hard Drive Tower, Fans Running, Good for Computer Machine Room Ambience, Ambience, Office, Computer Room [nature sounds] 1:08
Computer, Hard Drive, Computer Hard Drive Tower, Fans Running, Good for Computer Machine Room Ambience, Ambience, Office, Computer Room [nature sounds] 1:34
Computer, Hard Drive, Hard Drive, Turn On, Run, Shut Off, Office [nature sounds] 0:50
Computer, Keyboard 1 Key in Short Entry [nature sounds] 0:48
Computer, Keyboard 1 Single Letter Key, Slow [nature sounds] 0:13
Computer, Keyboard 2 Key in Short Entry [nature sounds] 0:37
Computer, Keyboard 2 Single Letter Key, Slow [nature sounds] 0:20
Computer, Monitor Computer Monitor Screen, Switch On [nature sounds] 0:15
Computer, Mouse Computer Mouse, Single Click [nature sounds] 0:39
Computer, Printer Dot Matrix Printer:Bidirectional Printing [nature sounds] 0:40
Computer, Printer Dot Matrix Printer:Bidirectional Printing, Slow [nature sounds] 1:03
Computer, Printer Dot Matrix Printer:Unidirectional Printing, Slow [nature sounds] 1:19
Computer, Printer High Speed Line Printer, Printing in Computer Room [nature sounds] 1:16
Computer, Printer Laser Printer:Start Up, Print, Wind Down [nature sounds] 0:34
Computer, Printer Single Line Feed of Printer [nature sounds] 0:17
Computer, Tape Drive 1/2 Inch Reel Drive:Unload Reel [nature sounds] 1:55
Computer, Tape Drive Data Cartridge Tape Drive:Load Tape [nature sounds] 1:41
Concerto de Aranjuez Moods of Nature 4:02
Coniferous woodland, late spring, midday with black kite, tree sparrows, corn bunting, chaffinch, field crickets, bees, flies, and distant [nature sounds] ?:??
Continous Thunder [nature sounds] 1:05
Continuous Thunder [nature sounds] 0:57
Continuous Thunder Claps and Rumbles [nature sounds] 1:04
Cool Mountain Stream [nature sounds] 1:02:34
Cooper's Hawk [nature sounds] ?:??
Coot [nature sounds] 1:00
Coot [nature sounds] 1:02
Coot [nature sounds] 1:17
Coot [nature sounds] 0:08
Coot [nature sounds] 1:09
Coot Calls, Water Rail Song and Call, Moorhen Alarm Calls [nature sounds] 1:04
Coots and Gallinules: American Coot, Common Moorhen Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:24
Corella [nature sounds] 0:31
Corn Bunting [nature sounds] 1:54
Corn Bunting [nature sounds] 1:20
Corn Bunting [nature sounds] 1:05
Corn Bunting [nature sounds] 0:32
Corncrake [nature sounds] 1:03
Corncrake [nature sounds] 0:43
Corncrake Song [nature sounds] 0:20
Corne de brume [nature sounds] 4:29
Corrençon-en-Vercors : Bouvreuil pivoine [nature sounds] FRX190802963 0:40
Corrençon-en-Vercors : Buse variable [nature sounds] FRX190802961 0:24
Corrençon-en-Vercors : Grive musicienne [nature sounds] FRX190802957 2:08
Corrençon-en-Vercors : Mésange noire [nature sounds] FRX190802962 0:55
Corrençon-en-Vercors : Pic épeiche [nature sounds] FRX190802960 0:46
Corrençon-en-Vercors : Pinson des arbres [nature sounds] FRX190802959 0:33
Corrençon-en-Vercors : Roitelet trimple-bandeau [nature sounds] FRX190802958 1:08
Cougar [nature sounds] 0:25
Country Stream [nature sounds] 29:31
Coupler, Metal, Small Coupler for Light Metal, Also Use as Lock [nature sounds] 0:07
Coups de tonnerre en montagne [nature sounds] 5:02
Cows [nature sounds] 0:59
Cows Before Milking [nature sounds] 0:22
Cows Mooing [nature sounds] 0:13
Coyote [nature sounds] 0:57
Coyote Howling [nature sounds] 0:21
Crackling Fire [nature sounds] 25:21
Crackling Fire [nature sounds] 1:05

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