[nature sounds] (Special Purpose Artist)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Birds Chirping and Singing - Waterfall in Background - Forest Atmosphere [nature sounds] 0:50
Birds Dogs [nature sounds] 0:52
Birds in a Meadow [nature sounds] 4 44:15
Birds in City Park [nature sounds] 0:27
Birds in Forest [nature sounds] 1:12
Birds in the Rainforest [nature sounds] 2:03
Birds Will Be Your Guide [nature sounds] 7:30
Birdsong [nature sounds] 13:45
Bittern [nature sounds] 1:34
Bittern [nature sounds] 0:43
Bitterns: American Bittern, Least Bittern Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:31
Bjergvipstjert [nature sounds] 0:55
Björktrast (Turdus pilaris) [nature sounds] 0:45
Black Duck [nature sounds] 0:25
Black Grouse [nature sounds] 1:42
Black Grouse [nature sounds] 0:41
Black Guillemot [nature sounds] 0:46
Black Headed Gull [nature sounds] 0:47
Black Redstart [nature sounds] 1:30
Black Redstart [nature sounds] 0:56
Black Redstart, Blackcap [nature sounds] 0:32
Black Redstart, Yellowhammer [nature sounds] 0:50
Black Tern [nature sounds] ?:??
Black-bellied Whistling Duck [nature sounds] 1:01
Black-billed Cuckoo [nature sounds] ?:??
Black-capped Chickadee [nature sounds] 2:10
Black-capped Chickadee [nature sounds] 1:12
Black-crowned Night-Heron [nature sounds] ?:??
Black-headed Bunting [nature sounds] 1:38
Black-headed Gull [nature sounds] 0:53
Black-Headed Gull [nature sounds] 1:21
Black-Headed Gull [nature sounds] 0:37
Black-necked Stilt [nature sounds] ?:??
Black-Tailed Godwit [nature sounds] 1:25
Black-Tailed Godwit [nature sounds] 0:38
Black-throated Blue Warbler [nature sounds] 0:51
Black-Throated Diver [nature sounds] 1:01
Black-throated Green Warbler [nature sounds] 0:41
Black-throated Sparrow [nature sounds] 0:57
Blackbird [nature sounds] 2:00
Blackbird [nature sounds] 2:19
Blackbird [nature sounds] 1:39
Blackbird [nature sounds] 1:58
Blackbird [nature sounds] 1:33
Blackbird [nature sounds] 4:49
Blackbird [nature sounds] 7:14
Blackbird - Swallow - Dunnock Birdsong 0:12
Blackbird in Provence [nature sounds] 3:15
Blackbirds and Sparrows [nature sounds] 0:33
Blackbirds and Sparrows [nature sounds] 0:42
Blackbirds, Grackles, and Bobolink: Brewer's Blackbird, Rusty Blackbird, Common Grackle, Great-tailed Grackle, Red-winged Blackblrd, Tricolored Blackbird, Yellow-headed Blackbird, Bobolink Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 2:15
Blackcap [nature sounds] 1:18
Blackcap [nature sounds] 1:05
Blackcap [nature sounds] 1:27
Blackcap [nature sounds] 3:22
Blackcap [nature sounds] 4:38
Blackcap - Dunnock - Swallow Birdsong 0:12
Blacksmith, Ambience, Blacksmith Shop, Single Worker Hammering, Blow Torch in Background [nature sounds] 2:31
Blåhake (Luscinia svecica) [nature sounds] 1:26
Blåmejse [nature sounds] 1:24
Blåmes (Parus caeruleus) [nature sounds] 1:03
Blässhuhn [nature sounds] 1:04
Blaumeise Vögel 1:19
Blizzard [nature sounds] 0:58
Blizzard [nature sounds] 1:01
Blue Grouse [nature sounds] ?:??
Blue Jay [nature sounds] 2:31
Blue Jay [nature sounds] 0:27
Blue Lagoon [nature sounds] 7:00
Blue tit [nature sounds] 1:28
Blue Tit [nature sounds] 1:22
Blue Tit [nature sounds] 1:19
Blue Tit [nature sounds] 1:12
Blue Tit [nature sounds] 0:58
Blue Tit [nature sounds] 1:48
Blue Waves [nature sounds] 5:52
Blue-Throated Flycatcher [nature sounds] 3:30
Bluethroat, Winchat [nature sounds] 1:23
Boat, Barge, River Barge, Int, Slow Moving, Water Slapping, Low Rumble, Small Steam Release [nature sounds] 2:04
Boat, Barge, River Barge, Int, Start, Idle, Shut Off [nature sounds] 1:04
Boat, Barge, River Barge, on Board, Drive at Fast Speed [nature sounds] 1:11
Boat, Barge, River Barge, on Board, Idle, Drive at Medium Speed [nature sounds] 2:02
Boat, Barge, River Barge, on Board, Idle, Drive at Slow Speed [nature sounds] 2:03
Boat, Barge, River Barge, Slow Pass By [nature sounds] 0:52
Boat, Catamaran, on Board, Cutting Through Water, Sail Ratchet [nature sounds] 1:38
Boat, Ferry, Large Ferry, on Board, Constant Motor Hum, Metallic Rattles and Light Hits [nature sounds] 2:04
Boat, Fishing, Fishing Troller, on Board Driving, Cruising Speed [nature sounds] 1:33
Boat, Race, Nitro Fuelled Drag Boat, Idle and Shut Off [nature sounds] 0:33
Boat, Race, Two Nitro Fuelled Drag Boats, Short Idle, Race Away, Recorded From Shore [nature sounds] 0:21
Boat, Race, Two Nitro Fuelled Drag Boats, Short Idle, Race Away, Recorded From Shore [nature sounds] 0:26
Boat, Race, Two Nitro Fuelled Drag Boats, Short Idle, Race Away, Recorded From Shore, Light Distortion [nature sounds] 0:24
Boat, Sail, Large Sailing Boat, on Board, Cutting Through Water at Fast Speed [nature sounds] 2:04
Bobolink [nature sounds] 0:58
Bobwhite, Doves & Cardinals [nature sounds] 8:59
Bofink (Fringilla coelebs) [nature sounds] 0:47
Bogfinke [nature sounds] 1:42
Bolero Moods of Nature 7:56
Bomlærke [nature sounds] 1:18
Bonelli's Warbler, Wood Warbler [nature sounds] 1:14
Book Open [nature sounds] 0:54

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