[nature sounds] (Special Purpose Artist)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Stapler Staple Slow on Table [nature sounds] 0:23
Stare (Sturnus vulgaris) [nature sounds] 1:14
Starke Brandung The Sound of Nature 8:04
Starling [nature sounds] 2:16
Starling [nature sounds] 1:04
Starling [nature sounds] 0:38
Starling [nature sounds] 0:43
Starling [nature sounds] 1:06
Starling [nature sounds] 1:29
Starling [nature sounds] 0:16
Starling - Yellowhammer - Cuckoo Birdsong 0:10
Starling: European Starling Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:17
Steglits (Carduelis carduelis) [nature sounds] 0:56
Steinschmätzer Vögel 1:08
Steller's Jay [nature sounds] 0:50
Steller's Sea Lion [nature sounds] 1:00
Stenpikker [nature sounds] 1:15
Sterne [nature sounds] 3:18
Stiff-Tailed Ducks and Mergansers: Ruddy Duck, Common Merganser, Red-breasted Merganser, Hooded Merganser Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:56
Stilla Vågor. Soft waves by the shore. [nature sounds] 0:25
Stillits [nature sounds] 1:33
Stilt Sandpiper [nature sounds] ?:??
Stock Dove [nature sounds] 0:57
Stock Dove [nature sounds] 0:57
Stock Dove [nature sounds] 0:09
Stone Curlew [nature sounds] 1:04
Stone Curlew [nature sounds] 0:33
Stonechat [nature sounds] 1:05
Stonechat [nature sounds] 1:04
Stonechat [nature sounds] 0:08
Stor korsnæb [nature sounds] 1:23
Stor tornskade [nature sounds] 1:06
Stora Karlsö. Island with nesting birds. [nature sounds] 5:49
Storlom (Gavia arctica) [nature sounds] 0:31
Storm [nature sounds] 2:04
Storm - Thunder - Wind and Rain [nature sounds] 1:03
Storm at Sea [nature sounds] 9:19
Storm Petrel [nature sounds] 0:47
Storm With Damage [nature sounds] 0:31
Storm With Damage... Moves Left to Right [nature sounds] 0:33
Storm: Big Sur, California [nature sounds] 30:01
Storm: Florida Everglades [nature sounds] 30:01
Stormy Night [nature sounds] 53:06
Stormy Seas [nature sounds] 55:51
Större hackspett (Dendrocopus major) [nature sounds] 0:36
Storspov (Numenius arquata) [nature sounds] 0:56
Strandäng Vid Aurriv. Seashore and seashore meadow. [nature sounds] 6:11
Strandskata (Haematopus ostralegus) [nature sounds] 0:46
Strandskog. Waterside forest. [nature sounds] 1:02
Stream in the Forest-Suite [nature sounds] 11:01
Streamside Songbirds [nature sounds] 24:23
Striped Flight [nature sounds] 5:58
Strong Winds [nature sounds] 0:50
Stygian Owl Male Advertising Song and Female Call Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:25
Sultry Summer Breeze [nature sounds] 59:25
Summer Evening Serenade (Enhanced with Music) [nature sounds] 1:00:44
Summer Meadow [nature sounds] DKEZA0301601 33:26
Summer Rain [nature sounds] 1:00:01
Summer Shore: Arctic Tern [nature sounds] 1:05
Summer Shore: Common Tern [nature sounds] 0:30
Summer Shore: Eider Duck [nature sounds] 0:32
Summer Shore: Great Black-backed Gull [nature sounds] 0:22
Summer Shore: Great Black-backed Gull [nature sounds] 0:19
Summer Shore: Herring Gull [nature sounds] 0:37
Summer Shore: Herring Gull / Oystercatcher [nature sounds] 0:31
Summer Shore: Lesser Black-backed Gull [nature sounds] 0:43
Summer Shore: Mute Swan [nature sounds] 0:56
Summer Shore: Ringed Plover / Dunlin [nature sounds] 2:35
Summer Shore: Sandwich Tern [nature sounds] 0:17
Summer Shore: Whimbrel [nature sounds] 0:18
Summer Thunderstorm [nature sounds] 29:40
Sumpfmeise [nature sounds] 1:17
Sumpfrohrsänger [nature sounds] 1:09
Sunrise [nature sounds] 4:58
Sunrise [nature sounds] 6:33
Sunset Beach [nature sounds] 5:35
Sunset by the Brook [nature sounds] 1:13:58
Sunset by the Brook [nature sounds] 2:35
Sunset Surf [nature sounds] 1:00:02
Sunshine [nature sounds] 6:45
Surf [nature sounds] 0:47
Surf & Spray [nature sounds] GBBSN0501087 59:30
Surf Hitting Beach [nature sounds] 1:10
Surf With Music [nature sounds] 1:00:53
Svarthätta (Sylvia atricapilla) [nature sounds] 1:07
Svartmes (Parus ater) [nature sounds] 0:40
Svartvit flugsnappare (Ficedula hypoleuca) [nature sounds] 0:43
Swainson's Hawk [nature sounds] ?:??
Swainson's Thrush [nature sounds] 1:09
Swallow [nature sounds] 1:41
Swallow [nature sounds] 1:25
Swallow [nature sounds] 1:16
Swallow [nature sounds] 1:12
Swallow [nature sounds] 1:10
Swallow [nature sounds] 1:32
Swallow [nature sounds] 0:13
Swallow - Nightingale - Robin Birdsong 0:16
Swallows: Tree Swallow, Bank Swallow, Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Violet-green Swallow, Cave Swallow, Purple Martin, Cliff Swallow, Barn Swallow Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 2:10
Swamp Sparrow [nature sounds] 0:38
Swamp Things, I Think I Love You (Pig Frogs, Cricket Frogs, Southern Leopard Frogs, Green Tree Frogs) [nature sounds] 5:58

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