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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Mallard [nature sounds] ?:??
Mallard [nature sounds] 0:32
Mallard [nature sounds] 1:56
Mallard Duck, female [nature sounds] 0:37
Mallard Duck, male [nature sounds] 0:24
Many Birds Chirping - Crickets or June Bugs - Forest Atmosphere [nature sounds] 0:50
Many Birds Chirping and Singing - Forest Atmosphere [nature sounds] 0:50
Many Birds Chirping and Singing - Very Quiet Atmosphere [nature sounds] 0:50
Many Crickets - Frogs - Sounds Around Pond [nature sounds] 0:50
Many Crickets - Traffic in Background [nature sounds] 0:51
Marbled Godwit [nature sounds] ?:??
Marbled Godwit [nature sounds] 0:54
Marée descendante [nature sounds] 4:02
Markpiber [nature sounds] 0:51
Marouette ponctuée et Râle d'eau [nature sounds] 1:22
Marsch [nature sounds] 3:03
Marsh [nature sounds] 3:04
Marsh Ducks (1): American Black Duck, Gadwall, Mallard, Northern Pintail, American Wigeon, Eurasian Wigeon Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:34
Marsh Ducks (2): Wood Duck, Northern Shoveler, Blue-winged Teal, Green-winged Teal, Cinnamon Teal Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:15
Marsh Mellow Blues (Marshland Frogs) [nature sounds] 4:50
Marsh Tit [nature sounds] 2:16
Marsh Warbler [nature sounds] 1:31
Marsh Wren [nature sounds] 1:59
Marsh Wren [nature sounds] 0:45
Matinée ensoleillée [nature sounds] ?:??
Matkopmees [nature sounds] 0:46
Mauersegler Vögel 1:10
Meadowlarks and Cowbirds: Eastern Meadowlark, Western Meadowlark, Brown-headed Cowbird, Bronzed Cowbird Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:12
Méditerranée [nature sounds] 6:13
Meeres-Wale [nature sounds] 10:06
Meeresbilder [nature sounds] 9:43
Meeresrauschen [nature sounds] 1:03
Meerkoet [nature sounds] 1:18
Mens, Centre Terre Vivante : Chardonneret élégant [nature sounds] FRX190802981 0:54
Mens, Centre Terre Vivante : Mésange charbonnière [nature sounds] FRX190802977 1:03
Mens, Centre Terre Vivante : Pouillot de Bonelli [nature sounds] FRX190802980 0:23
Mens, Centre Terre Vivante : Rossignol philomèle [nature sounds] FRX190802976 1:49
Mens, Centre Terre Vivante : Serin cini [nature sounds] FRX190802979 0:39
Mens, Centre Terre Vivante : Troglodyte mignon [nature sounds] FRX190802978 0:56
Mens, Centre Terre Vivante : Turcol familier [nature sounds] FRX190802982 0:49
Mens, Sous les falaise du Châtel : Accenteur mouchet [nature sounds] FRX190803001 0:50
Mens, Sous les falaise du Châtel : Cassenoix moucheté [nature sounds] FRX190802999 0:45
Mens, Sous les falaise du Châtel : Grand corbeau [nature sounds] FRX190802998 0:21
Mens, Sous les falaise du Châtel : Grive musicienne [nature sounds] FRX190803002 1:09
Mens, Sous les falaise du Châtel : Merle à plastron [nature sounds] FRX190802996 1:09
Mens, Sous les falaise du Châtel : Roitelet triple-bandeau [nature sounds] FRX190803000 0:46
Mens, Sous les falaise du Châtel : Rougegeorge familier [nature sounds] FRX190802997 1:33
Mer : Le Bercement des vagues [nature sounds] 52:02
Mer houleuse [nature sounds] 4:33
Merel [nature sounds] 1:18
Meri Panga panga all [nature sounds] 44:52
Merlin [nature sounds] ?:??
Merlin [nature sounds] 2:21
Metsäkirvinen - Trädpiplärka [nature sounds] 1:37
Mexican Jay [nature sounds] 0:52
Midnight Rainstorm [nature sounds] 1:00:01
Midnight Serenade [nature sounds] 2:58
Mila's Journey [nature sounds] 1:02:19
Militär: Fliegeralarm [nature sounds] ?:??
Militär: Flugabwehr-Geschütz [nature sounds] ?:??
Militär: Kanonenschuß [nature sounds] ?:??
Militär: Kleineres schnell vorüberfliegendes Militärflugzeug [nature sounds] ?:??
Militär: Marschmusik [nature sounds] ?:??
Militär: Maschinengewehr, Feuerstoß [nature sounds] ?:??
Militär: Maschinengewehre - Feuergefecht [nature sounds] ?:??
Militär: Parademarsch [nature sounds] ?:??
Militär: Startender Kampfflieger [nature sounds] ?:??
Militär: U-Boot-Tauchsignal [nature sounds] ?:??
Miranda [nature sounds] 31:51
Miranda [nature sounds] ?:??
Miserable tom cat outside in the rain [nature sounds] 2:26
Missing Moods of Nature 4:22
Misteldrossel [nature sounds] 1:58
Mitternachts-Serenade [nature sounds] 3:03
Mixed woodland, early spring, early morning neutral with distant hooded crows, buzzard and great tit. Estonia, March ’84 [nature sounds] ?:??
Mixed-Species Flock [nature sounds] 19:07
Mockingbirds and Thrashers (1): Gray Catbird, Northern Mockingbird, Sage Thrasher, Brown Thrasher, California Thrasher Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:33
Monastery Garden [nature sounds] 58:10
Mönchsgrasmücke [nature sounds] 0:58
Monkey - Angry [nature sounds] 0:49
Monkeys - Chattering [nature sounds] 0:59
Moorfrosch [nature sounds] 0:53
Moorland Spring: Curlew [nature sounds] 0:30
Moorland Spring: Dunlin [nature sounds] 0:28
Moorland Spring: Flow Country Late Spring / Corncrake [nature sounds] 2:09
Moorland Spring: Golden Plover [nature sounds] 0:36
Moorland Spring: Golden Plover [nature sounds] 0:44
Moorland Spring: Greenshank [nature sounds] 1:29
Moorland Spring: Lapwing [nature sounds] 2:03
Moorland Spring: Meadow Pipit [nature sounds] 0:51
Moorland Spring: Meadow Pipit / Black-Headed Gull [nature sounds] 0:56
Moorland Spring: Peregrine Falcon / Ring Ouzel [nature sounds] 0:43
Moorland Spring: Ptarmigan [nature sounds] 1:31
Moorland Spring: Raven / Twite [nature sounds] 1:34
Moorland Spring: Red Grouse [nature sounds] 0:40
Moorland Spring: Red-Throated Diver [nature sounds] 0:56
Moorland Spring: Red-throated Diver / Dunlin [nature sounds] 0:32
Moorland Spring: Redshank [nature sounds] 0:24
Moorland Spring: Ring Ouzel [nature sounds] 0:45
Moorland Spring: Wheatear [nature sounds] 0:58

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