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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Great Gray Owl Female Agitated Call Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:15
Great Gray Owl Female Agitated Defensive Hoot Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:15
Great Gray Owl Female Contact Call Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:27
Great Gray Owl Female Contact Call Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:33
Great Gray Owl Food Exchange At Nest Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:51
Great Gray Owl Male Contact Hoot Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:07
Great Gray Owl Male Territorial Hoot Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:44
Great Horned Owl [nature sounds] ?:??
Great Horned Owl [nature sounds] 1:29
Great Horned Owl [nature sounds] 0:33
Great Horned Owl Bark-like Call Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:15
Great Horned Owl Chitter Call Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:21
Great Horned Owl Female Chitter Call and Squawk Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:48
Great Horned Owl Female Squawk Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:42
Great Horned Owl Fledgling Begging Call Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:32
Great Horned Owl Territorial Hooting and Squawks By Pair Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:24
Great Horned Owl Territorial Hooting Duet Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:30
Great Horned Owl Territorial Hooting Duet and Copulation Calls Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:56
Great Horned Owl Wac-Wac Call Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:39
Great Reed Warbler [nature sounds] 1:16
Great Sky [nature sounds] 4:37
Great Spotted Woodpecker [nature sounds] 0:51
Great Tit [nature sounds] 0:50
Great Tit [nature sounds] 0:54
Great-crested Flycatcher [nature sounds] 1:30
Greater Prairie-chicken [nature sounds] ?:??
Greater Roadrunner [nature sounds] ?:??
Grebes: Pied-billed Grebe, Horned Grebe, Eared Grebe, Red-necked Grebe, Least Grebe, Western Grebe, Clark's Grebe Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:48
Green Woodpecker [nature sounds] 1:36
Green-winged Teal [nature sounds] ?:??
Greenfinch [nature sounds] 0:27
Greetings From the Secretary General of the UN NASA Voyager Recordings 0:47
Greetings in 56 Languages NASA Voyager Recordings 4:25
Grenoble, Parc Mistral : Écureuil roux [nature sounds] FRX190802989 0:38
Grenoble, Parc Mistral : Fauvette à tête noire [nature sounds] FRX190802988 0:42
Grenoble, Parc Mistral : Grimpereau des jardins [nature sounds] FRX190802984 0:56
Grenoble, Parc Mistral : Merle noir [nature sounds] FRX190802983 1:09
Grenoble, Parc Mistral : Mésange charbonnière, jeunes au nid [nature sounds] FRX190802990 0:37
Grenoble, Parc Mistral : Pic épeiche [nature sounds] FRX190802987 0:29
Grenoble, Parc Mistral : Rougegeorge familier [nature sounds] FRX190802985 1:06
Grenoble, Parc Mistral : Rougequeue à front blanc [nature sounds] FRX190802986 0:57
Grey Heron [nature sounds] 1:43
Grey Partridge [nature sounds] 1:19
Grey Squirrel [nature sounds] 0:56
Grey Wagtail [nature sounds] 1:44
Grieg's Morning Mood [nature sounds] 14:45
Grille [nature sounds] 1:07
Groene Specht [nature sounds] 1:25
Grönbena (Tringa glareola) [nature sounds] 0:23
Grönfink (Carduelis chloris) [nature sounds] 0:54
Gröngöling (Picus viridis) [nature sounds] 0:42
Grønirisk [nature sounds] 1:48
Grönsångare (Phylloscopus sibilatrix) [nature sounds] 0:38
Grönsiska (Carduelis spinus) [nature sounds] 0:44
Grønsisken [nature sounds] 0:50
Grosbeaks, Cardinals, and Buntings: Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Black-headed Grosbeak, Pyrrhuloxia, Blue Grosbeak, Indigo Bunting, Lazuli Bunting, Painted Bunting, Varied Bunting Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 2:18
Grosse houle [nature sounds] 4:46
Grossstadtgeräusche: Amerikanischer Streifenwagen mit Sirene [nature sounds] 0:23
Grossstadtgeräusche: Anlassen eines Motorrads und Start [nature sounds] 0:20
Grossstadtgeräusche: Büro - Schreibmaschine [nature sounds] 1:04
Grossstadtgeräusche: Cafeteria [nature sounds] 1:04
Grossstadtgeräusche: Einfahrt in ein Parkhaus - Abstellen des Wagens [nature sounds] 0:35
Grossstadtgeräusche: Fußgänger in der Innenstadt [nature sounds] 1:07
Grossstadtgeräusche: Heranfahrender und bremsender Lastwagen [nature sounds] 0:17
Grossstadtgeräusche: HiFi-Laden, Radiogeräte, Fernsehgeräte [nature sounds] 1:04
Grossstadtgeräusche: Hupen im Stau [nature sounds] 0:26
Grossstadtgeräusche: Hupender vorbeifahrender Lastwagen [nature sounds] 0:13
Grossstadtgeräusche: Kirchuhr, 1 Uhr schlagend [nature sounds] 0:32
Grossstadtgeräusche: Maschinenfabrik mit automatisierten Maschinen [nature sounds] 1:03
Grossstadtgeräusche: Maschinenfabrik mit Fließband [nature sounds] 1:04
Grossstadtgeräusche: Mehrere tickende Uhren [nature sounds] 1:04
Grossstadtgeräusche: MIt Sirene vorbeifahrender amerikanischer Krankenwagen [nature sounds] 0:18
Grossstadtgeräusche: Motorrad mit 70 km/h vorbeifahrend [nature sounds] 0:10
Grossstadtgeräusche: Müllabfuhr [nature sounds] 1:04
Grossstadtgeräusche: Müllabfuhr beim Entladen [nature sounds] 0:33
Grossstadtgeräusche: Reger Verkehr [nature sounds] 1:05
Grossstadtgeräusche: Registrierkasse [nature sounds] 0:08
Grossstadtgeräusche: Stärkerer Verkehr [nature sounds] 1:05
Grossstadtgeräusche: Supermarkt - Einkauf [nature sounds] 1:05
Grossstadtgeräusche: Supermarkt - Kassenbereich [nature sounds] 1:04
Grossstadtgeräusche: Waschstraße [nature sounds] 1:04
Grossstadtgeräusche: Wenig Verkehr [nature sounds] 1:03
Grote Bonte Specht [nature sounds] 1:33
Grote Karekiet [nature sounds] 1:38
Grouse (1): Sage Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Sharp-tailed Grouse, Greater Prairie-Chicken, Lesser Prairie-Chicken Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:50
Grutto [nature sounds] 1:08
Gul vipstjert [nature sounds] 0:53
Gulbug [nature sounds] 1:34
Gulirisk [nature sounds] 1:06
Gulls [nature sounds] 0:15
Gulls (1): Western Gull, Heermann's Gull, Herring Gull, California Gull, Ring-billed Gull Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:17
Gulls (2): Mew Gull, Black-legged Kittiwake, Laughing Gull, Franklin's Gull, Bonaparte's Gull Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:13
Gulls and Ferry Boat [nature sounds] 0:33
Gulsparv (Emberiza citrinella) [nature sounds] 0:37
Gulspurv [nature sounds] 1:33
Gunnison Sage Grouse [nature sounds] ?:??
Haarapääsky - Ladusvala [nature sounds] 1:06
Hafenszene, Balance Surround [nature sounds] 1:14
Hairy Woodpecker [nature sounds] 1:29
Hämpling (Carduelis cannabina) [nature sounds] 0:36

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