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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Flammulated Owl Female Moan Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:08
Flammulated Owl Male Alarm Bark Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 0:13
Flammulated Owl Male Territorial Hoot Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:27
Flashfire [nature sounds] 4:18
Flight of the Eagle [nature sounds] ?:??
Flock of Ducks - Wings Flapping on Water [nature sounds] 0:47
Flodsanger [nature sounds] 1:55
Florida Glades (Cranes, Kites, Herons) [nature sounds] 2:14
Flowing Streams NASA Voyager Recordings 7:48
Flugzeuge: 727 Boing (Landung) [nature sounds] 0:25
Flugzeuge: 727 Boing (Start) [nature sounds] 0:25
Flugzeuge: 747 Boing (Flug) [nature sounds] 0:27
Flugzeuge: 747 Boing (Landung) [nature sounds] 0:38
Flugzeuge: 747 Boing (Start) [nature sounds] 0:30
Flugzeuge: A-300 Airbus (Landung) [nature sounds] 0:28
Flugzeuge: A-300 Airbus (Start) [nature sounds] 0:42
Flugzeuge: Aeroca (Start) [nature sounds] 0:16
Flugzeuge: B-25 Bomber (Flug) [nature sounds] 0:16
Flugzeuge: B-25 Bomber (Landung) [nature sounds] 0:16
Flugzeuge: B-25 Bomber (Motorstart) [nature sounds] 0:20
Flugzeuge: B-25 Bomber (Start) [nature sounds] 0:20
Flugzeuge: Bandeirante (Flug) [nature sounds] 0:11
Flugzeuge: C-12 Lookheed (Flug) [nature sounds] 0:19
Flugzeuge: C-12 Lookheed (Motor aus) [nature sounds] 0:23
Flugzeuge: C130 Hercules (Flug) [nature sounds] 0:13
Flugzeuge: Caribou (Start 2. Version) [nature sounds] 0:27
Flugzeuge: Caribou (Start) [nature sounds] 0:22
Flugzeuge: Concorde (Landung) [nature sounds] 0:46
Flugzeuge: Concorde (Start) [nature sounds] 0:26
Flugzeuge: Dc-3 (Start) [nature sounds] 0:20
Flugzeuge: Fa-18 (Flug, langsam) [nature sounds] 0:39
Flugzeuge: Fa-18 (Flug, schnell) [nature sounds] 0:29
Flugzeuge: Fa-18 (Touch and Go) [nature sounds] 0:29
Flugzeuge: Fokker F-27 (Start) [nature sounds] 1:41
Flugzeuge: Fokker F-28 (Start) [nature sounds] 0:36
Flugzeuge: Harvard (Motorstart) [nature sounds] 1:13
Flugzeuge: Lear Jet (Flug) [nature sounds] 0:08
Flugzeuge: Mirage (Flug 2. Version) [nature sounds] 0:15
Flugzeuge: Mirage (Flug) [nature sounds] 0:13
Flux et reflux [nature sounds] 4:16
Fly Buzzing [nature sounds] 0:17
Flycatcher [nature sounds] 0:31
Flycatchers (2) and Kingbirds: Eastern Kingrird, Western Kingbird, Cassin's Kingbird, Couch's Kingbird, Thick-billed Kingbird, Tropical Kingbird Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:53
Flycatchers (3), Myiarchus: Brown-crested Flycatcher, Great Crested Flycatcher, Dusky-capped Flycatcher, Ash-throated Flycatcher, Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:33
Flycatchers (4), PEWEES, AND PHOEBES: Western Wood-Pewee, Eastern Wood-Pewee, Greater Pewee, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Eastern Phoebe, Black Phoebe, Say's Phoebe Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:56
Flycatchers (5), Empidonax: Alder Flycatcher, Willow Flycatcher, Hammond's Flycatcher, Dusky Flycatcher, Gray Flycatcher, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:49
Flycatchers (6), Empidonax and Tyrannulet: Least Flycatcher, Pacific-slope Flycatcher3, Cordilleran Flycatcher, Buff-breasted Flycatcher, Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:29
Fonte des neiges [nature sounds] 1:15
Forest Birds [nature sounds] 1:02
Forest Edge [nature sounds] 6:32
Forest Interior [nature sounds] 4:36
Forest Raindrops [nature sounds] 56:10
Forest Song [nature sounds] 30:44
Forest Stream [nature sounds] DKEZA0301602 25:27
Forest Sunrise [nature sounds] 6:19
Forêt de Revolets : Fauvette à tête noire [nature sounds] FRX190802940 2:20
Forêt de Revolets : Merle noir [nature sounds] FRX190802939 0:18
Forêt de Revolets : Pigeon ramier [nature sounds] FRX190802937 0:30
Forêt de Revolets : Pouillot véloce [nature sounds] FRX190802936 0:57
Forêt de Revolets : Rougegeorge familier [nature sounds] FRX190802938 1:28
Foulque macroule et Poule d'eau [nature sounds] 2:31
Four week old kitten, individual meows [nature sounds] 0:05
Four week old kitten, individual meows [nature sounds] 0:04
Four week old kitten, individual meows [nature sounds] 0:05
Four week old kitten, individual meows [nature sounds] 0:05
Four week old kitten, individual meows [nature sounds] 0:05
Four week old kitten, individual meows [nature sounds] 0:06
Four week old kitten, meowing and drinking [nature sounds] 2:31
Fox & Hounds [nature sounds] 0:31
Fragile Moods of Nature 4:29
Franklin's Gull [nature sounds] ?:??
Free Flowing [nature sounds] 6:21
Fresh Pine [nature sounds] 7:25
Freundlicher Strand [nature sounds] 10:03
Frisson du matin Sons de la nature 0:49
Frog Chorus [nature sounds] 7:37
Frog Chorus [nature sounds] 8:37
Frog Chorus [nature sounds] 1:02
Frog Chorus [nature sounds] 44:29
Froggy Goes a Courtin’ (Tree Frog Mating Season) [nature sounds] 3:05
Frogs [nature sounds] 0:56
Frogs [nature sounds] 8:28
Frogs Croaking [nature sounds] 0:50
Frogs in Pond [nature sounds] 0:42
Frogs, Birds - Other Swamp Sounds [nature sounds] 0:50
Fuglekonge [nature sounds] 1:22
Fulmars, Petrels, Pelicans, and Jaegers: Northern Fulmar, Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel, Leach's Storm-Petrel, American White Pelican, Brown Pelican, Parasitic Jaeger, Long-tailed Jaeger Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology 1:50
Fun In The Sun [nature sounds] 1:11
Funkelndes Wasser [nature sounds] 3:00
Fußball / Sport: Abschlagen eines Golfballes [nature sounds] 0:07
Fußball / Sport: Baseball-Mannschaftsräume [nature sounds] 1:03
Fußball / Sport: Baseball-Stadion [nature sounds] 1:03
Fußball / Sport: Boxkampf - größere Zuschauermenge [nature sounds] 1:03
Fußball / Sport: Boxkampf - kleinere Zuschauermenge [nature sounds] 1:04
Fußball / Sport: Eislaufen auf der Eisbahn [nature sounds] 1:03
Fußball / Sport: Entenjagd mit Lockruf [nature sounds] 1:04
Fußball / Sport: Fußball - Stadion-Atmosphäre [nature sounds] 1:03
Fußball / Sport: Fußballspiel - Halbzeit-Pause [nature sounds] 2:03
Fußball / Sport: Karate-Training [nature sounds] 1:03
Fußball / Sport: Singende und grölende Fußballfans vor dem Anpfiff [nature sounds] 1:04

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