Sam Sever

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member of:Downtown Science
performance name of:Sam Citrin
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DateTitleCredited asAttributesArtistLength
Catch the WavepercussionDowntown Science5:08
Daddy Rich in the Land of 1210Sam Severpercussion3rd Bass3:13
Delta SigmamembranophoneDowntown Science3:48
Down to a Scienceturntable [scratches]Downtown Science3:33
Down to a SciencemembranophoneDowntown Science3:33
If I WasmembranophoneDowntown Science3:35
If I Wasturntable [scratches]Downtown Science3:35
Natural PeoplestringsDowntown Science4:36
Natural PeoplemembranophoneDowntown Science4:36
Natural PeoplepercussionDowntown Science4:36
Out There but in TheremembranophoneDowntown Science3:55
Radioactiveturntable [scratches]Downtown Science4:23
Room to BreathemembranophoneDowntown Science4:09
Somethin’ Spankin’ New (live)Downtown Science2:39
Summertimeadditional and percussionDowntown Science4:37
This Is a Visitturntable [scratches]Downtown Science4:25
WinningbassDowntown Science4:03
WinningmembranophoneDowntown Science4:03
WinningpercussionDowntown Science4:03
Check YourselfSam Sever3rd Bass feat. Doug E. Doug2:59
Drums Through the WallDowntown Science1:15
Flippin’ off the Wall Like Lucy Ball3rd Bass3:17
French ToastSam Sever3rd Bass0:49
Intergalactic (Fuzzy Logic remix)additionalBeastie Boys3:50
Microphone TechniquesSam Sever3rd Bass feat. Nice & Smooth4:59
Monte Hall3rd Bass5:27
No Master Plan No Master RaceSam Sever3rd Bass4:47
Portrait of the Artist as a HoodSam Sever3rd Bass4:30
Problem ChildSam Sever3rd Bass4:30
Product of the Environment3rd Bass6:15
Product of the Environment (Project remix)3rd Bass4:28
Sons of 3rd Bass3rd Bass4:47
Soul in the Hole3rd Bass3:50
Spontaneous (13 MC’s Deep)Leaders of the New School feat. Cool Whip Brittle Lo, The Capital LS, Jeranimo, Rampage the Last Boy Scout, Blitz, Sha-Now, Pudge God & Kollie Weed4:39
The Cactus3rd Bass4:40
The Cactus (remix)3rd Bass5:48
Triple Stage Darkness3rd Bass4:10
Who’s on Third3rd Bass0:59
Word to the ThirdSam Sever3rd Bass5:02
Wordz of Wizdom3rd Bass6:31
Wordz of Wizdom (remix)3rd Bass8:00
Wordz of Wizdom (II)3rd Bass7:56
Is It Livedrum machineRun‐D.M.C.3:04
Beyond the PaleBig Audio Dynamite4:41
C’mon Every BeatboxBig Audio Dynamite5:26
Dial a HitmanBig Audio Dynamite5:05
Hollywood BoulevardBig Audio Dynamite4:29
Ice Cool KillerBig Audio Dynamite5:34
Intergalactic (Fuzzy Logic remix)Beastie Boys3:50
Limbo the LawBig Audio Dynamite4:44
SambadromeBig Audio Dynamite4:49
Sightsee M.C!Big Audio Dynamite4:57
The Big VBig Audio Dynamite4:49
TicketBig Audio Dynamite3:28
V. ThirteenBig Audio Dynamite4:54
White, Discussion (Sam Sever remix)Līve4:23
White, Discussion (Sam Sever remix)Līve4:23
Wordz of Wizdom (remix)3rd Bass8:00
If I Wasbackground vocalsDowntown Science3:35
Natural Peoplebackground vocalsDowntown Science4:36
Out There but in Therebackground vocalsDowntown Science3:55
Downtown ScienceexecutiveDowntown Science