Dervish (Irish traditional/folk group)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Molly and Johnny Dervish 5:12
Molly and Johnny Dervish 3:50
My Bride and I Dervish 5:35
My Mind Will Never Be Easy / The Ash Plant (slip jigs) Dervish 3:50
O'Raghailligh's Grave Dervish USCO90437610 2:45
Out on the Road (reels) Dervish 4:11
Packie Duignan's Dervish 3:51
Packie Duignans Dervish 3:29
Palmer's Gate (reels) Dervish 5:16
Peata Beag Dervish 4:32
Peata Beag Dervish 4:38
Peigín mo chroí Dervish 3:46
Pheigín Mo Chroi Dervish 4:04
Pogin Mo Chroi Dervish 3:56
Rathlin Island / The Graff Spree / Last Night's Fun Dervish 3:47
Red Haired Mary Dervish 2:39
Red-haired Mary (song) Dervish 2:37
Seán Bháin (song) Dervish 3:19
Shanagolden Dervish 4:49
Sheila Nee Iyer Dervish 2:26
Siesta Set: Kevin Burke’s / McCabe’s / The Siesta / Gabe O’Sullivan’s Dervish USCO90437605 4:38
Síle Ní Ghadhra: Sheila Nee Iyer Dervish 2:24
Slangpolska efter Byss-Calle Dervish feat. Vasen, Mike Marshall, Martin Hayes, & Dennis Cahill 2:43
Slides and Reels: The Wedding Feast / Kerryslide / Kyle Brack Reel / Byrne's Reel Dervish 5:01
Slow Reels Dervish 3:54
Snoring Biddy Dervish 3:03
Spailpín Fánach Dervish 2:46
Swallows Tail Dervish USCO90437611 4:14
Tenpenny Bit (jigs) Dervish 4:57
The Ash Plant Set Dervish 3:47
The Banks of Sweet Viledee (song) Dervish 3:44
The Banks of the Clyde Dervish 5:39
The Bealtine Set Dervish 5:26
The Bealtine Set: The Acorn Reel / Comb Your Hair and Curl It / Last Nights Fun / The Ballina Lass Dervish 5:15
The Boots of Spanish Leather Dervish 5:40
The Boys of Sligo / Monaghan Twig Dervish 2:36
The Cat She Went a Hunting Dervish 3:58
The Cat She Went A-Hunting Dervish 3:57
The Cocks Are Crowing Dervish USCO90437612 4:45
The Coolea Jigs Dervish 4:29
The Coolea Jigs: The Rakes of Clonmel / The Cul Aodh Jig / Out on the Road Dervish 4:28
The Corner House Dervish 4:26
The Creggan White Hare Dervish 4:13
The Dancing Bear / Orreaga Dervish 3:51
The Dolphin / The Clapton Jigs Dervish 3:08
The Donegal Set: Paddy’s Trip To Scotland / The New Rigged Ship / Larry Redican’s Bow Dervish 4:26
The Fair Haired Boy Dervish USCO90437604 3:57
The Fair Maid Dervish 3:41
The Fair Maid Dervish 3:48
The Fair‐Haired boy Dervish 3:57
The Game of Love Dervish 3:30
The Green Fields of Miltown Dervish 3:59
The Green Gowned Lass Dervish 4:52
The Green Mountain Dervish 4:05
The Green Mountain Dervish 4:19
The Hills of Greanmore Dervish 4:13
The Hills of Greenmore Dervish 4:04
The Hungary Rock (slow reel) Dervish 4:27
The Hungry Rock Dervish 4:19
The Hungry Rock Dervish 4:39
The Hungry Rock Dervish 4:19
The Jolly Tinker: The Forgotten Fling / The Jolly Tinker Dervish 5:41
The Key of the Convent / Tommie People's Reel Dervish 3:39
The Kilavill Set Dervish 4:11
The Lag’s Song Dervish USCO90437608 5:06
The Lark on the Strand Dervish 6:13
The Lover's Token Dervish 4:43
The Master's Return: The Master's Return / Dunrobin Castle / The Boys of Tulla Dervish 3:38
The Masters Return Dervish 3:42
The Ploughman Dervish 2:54
The Queen and the Soldier Dervish 4:56
The Raphoe Reel / The Chestnut Tree Dervish 2:36
The Rolling Wave Dervish 4:32
The Sligo Set / Martin Wynne's / Lad O'Beirnes / McDermotts Dervish 3:25
The Soldier Laddie Dervish USCO90437606 5:38
The Swallow’s Tail Dervish 5:28
The Thrush in the Storm Dervish 5:06
The Trip o Sligo Set: Never Was Piping So Gay, Davey's, Tomeen O'Dea's Reel Dervish 3:56
The Trip to Sligo Dervish 3:51
The Trip to Sligo Set Dervish 3:56
The Wheels of the World Dervish 3:11
The World's End Set Dervish 5:54
The Worlds End Dervish 5:33
The Worlds End Dervish 5:31
There was a Maid in her Father's Garden (song) Dervish 3:16
They Can’t Stop the Spring (Ireland) Dervish 2:52
Thirty Seconds Dervish 0:31
Thos Byrnes / The Man of Aran Dervish 2:51
Touching Cloth Dervish 3:55
Traditional Irish Music from Dervish Clip 1 Dervish 3:52
Unknown Reel / Return From Camden Town Dervish 2:42
Virginia Set: Paddy O'Briens / The Sandmont Reel / Virginia Reel Dervish 2:44
Walsh's Fancy / The Congress / Spoil the Dance Dervish 3:44
Welcome Poor Paddy Home Dervish 3:47
Welcoming Poor Paddy Home Dervish 5:00
Whealans Dervish 6:47
Whelans: Trounsdell’s Cross / Whelan's Dervish USCO90437613 11:58
Willie Lennox Dervish 5:02
You Move Me (Richard Earnshaw remix) Dervish feat. Lockamy & Inaya Day 6:54

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