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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
2002-09-07: Orgasmatron on Radio Italia Network Nu NRG 59:53
Aloa P Nu NRG 6:50
Astralis Nu NRG 7:44
Atomo Nu NRG 8:25
Bonsai Nu NRG 6:17
Butterfly Nu NRG 4:53
Butterfly Nu NRG 7:06
Butterfly (Giuseppe Ottaviani 2010 mix) (live, 2010-04-03: A State of Trance #450: Roseland Ballroom, New York City, USA) Nu NRG 2:26
Butterfly (Giuseppe Ottaviani remix) Nu NRG 3:27
Butterfly (Orgasmatron Rip) (Part of an unknown DJ mix) Nu NRG 6:52
Butterfly (original version edit) Nu NRG 3:33
Butterfly 2010 (Giuseppe Ottaviani remix) (2010-10-21: A State of Trance #479) Nu NRG ?:??
Casino Nu NRG 3:43
Casino (original mix) Nu NRG 4:58
Casino (Stoneface & Terminal remix) Nu NRG 6:39
Connective Nu NRG 5:40
Connective Nu NRG 4:03
Connective Nu NRG 5:02
Connective Nu NRG 6:46
Connective Nu NRG 7:56
Connective (part of “Ministry of Sound: Trance Nation Electric” DJ‐mix) Nu NRG 3:43
Connective (part of a “Ministry of Sound: Summer Annual 2005” DJ‐mix, Germany) Nu NRG 5:10
Connective (part of a “Trance: The Ultimate Collection 2004, Volume 1” DJ‐mix) Nu NRG 3:46
Connective (radio edit) Nu NRG 3:43
Dreamland Nu NRG 4:28
Dreamland Nu NRG 8:02
Dreamland Nu NRG 4:28
Dreamland Nu NRG 4:43
Dreamland Nu NRG 4:18
Dreamland Nu NRG 7:00
Dreamland Nu NRG 5:16
Dreamland Nu NRG 8:04
Dreamland Nu NRG 4:37
Dreamland Nu NRG 3:28
Dreamland Nu NRG 7:58
Dreamland Nu NRG ?:??
Dreamland NU NRG 8:04
Dreamland (DJ‐mix from “ID&T Trance.03”) Nu NRG 5:43
Dreamland (part of “Lee Haslam: Resonate” DJ-mix) Nu NRG 5:05
Dreamland (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Politics of Dancing” DJ-mix) Nu NRG 5:41
Dreamland (part of “Steve Hill: Xclusive Trance” DJ-mix) Nu NRG 6:44
Dreamland (part of “Trance Anthems 2009” DJ‐mix) Nu NRG 4:06
Dreamland (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 14” DJ‐mix) Nu NRG 6:03
Dreamland (part of a “The Mix, Volume 1” DJ‐mix) Nu NRG 4:51
Dreamland (part of a “The World’s Greatest Trance” DJ‐mix) Nu NRG 6:33
Dreamland (part of a “Volume 4” DJ‐mix) Nu NRG 5:25
Dreamland (Adam Sheridan Remix) Nu NRG 9:42
Dreamland (Chris Metcalfe remix) Nu NRG 6:31
Dreamland (G & M Project remix) Nu NRG 7:50
Dreamland (G&M Project Remix) Nu NRG 7:50
Dreamland (Gareth Emery vs Brisky Remix) Nu NRG 7:50
Dreamland (Giuseppe Ottaviani remix) (live, 2011-04-09: A State of Trance #500, Brabanthallen, Den Bosch, Netherlands) Nu NRG 4:28
Dreamland (Nu NRG 2005 Mix) Nu NRG 8:07
Dreamland (Nu NRG 2005 remake) Nu NRG ?:??
Dreamland (original mix) Nu NRG 8:25
Dreamland (original mix) (part of a “Trance House 8” DJ‐mix) Nu NRG 6:31
Dreamland (Original Mix) Nu NRG 8:06
Dreamland (Rank 1 re-edit) Nu NRG 4:45
Dreamland (Rank 1 re-edit) Nu NRG 5:25
Dreamland (Rank 1 re-edit) Nu NRG 5:09
Dreamland (Rank1 Re-Edit) Nu NRG 6:26
Dreamland 2005 Nu NRG 7:56
Eclisse Nu NRG 5:03
Eclisse Nu NRG 5:01
Eclisse Nu NRG 4:00
Eclisse Nu NRG 4:56
Energizer Rmx Nu NRG 7:06
Free Fall Nu NRG 7:36
Free Fall Nu NRG 7:35
Free Fall Nu NRG 7:35
Free Fall (original mix) Nu NRG 5:23
Free Fall (radio edit) Nu NRG 3:47
Free Fall [ASOT Radio Classic] (2010-01-07: A State of Trance 438) Nu NRG 4:17
High Volume (original mix) (part of “Bump 12” DJ‐mix) The Moon feat. Nu NRG 4:36
Kosmosy Nu NRG DEQ690600056 8:16
Last Experience (Digital Nature remix) Nu NRG 7:49
Last Experience (Digital Nature remix) (part of a “Trance Anthems 2008” DJ‐mix) Nu NRG 3 4:06
Last Experience (Guiseppe Ottiviaini remix) NU NRG 8:18
Spike Nu NRG 6:34
Supersonik Way Nu NRG 6:08
Supersonik Way Nu NRG 7:09
The Last Experience (Giuseppe Ottaviani mix) Nu NRG 4:21
The Moon Loves the Sun The Moon feat. Nu NRG 6:39
The Moon Loves the Sun The Moon feat. Nu NRG 6:44
The Shadow Nu NRG 6:24
The Shadow (original mix) Nu NRG 7:57
Tommoter Nu NRG 7:13
Universe Nu NRG 4:20
Visual Sonar Nu NRG 8:11

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