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1929-02-17In the Groove at the GrovepianoChick Webb2:31
1936-10-29(If You Can't Sing It) You'll Have to Swing ItpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:59
1936-10-29I Got the Spring Fever BluespianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:03
1936-10-29If You Can't Sing It You'll Have to Swing ItpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:56
1936-10-29If You Can't Sing It You'll Have to Swing It (alternate take-B)pianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:54
1936-10-29Swingin' on the ReservationpianoElla Fitzgerald with Chick Webb and His Orchestra3:08
1936-10-29Vote for Mr. RhythmpianoElla Fitzgerald with Chick Webb and His Orchestra2:28
1936-11-18My Last AffairpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight2:42
1936-11-18Organ Grinder’s SwingpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight2:52
1936-11-19ShinepianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight2:52
1936-11-19The Darktown Strutter's BallpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight3:04
1936Organ Grinder's SwingpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight2:55
1937-01-14Big Boy BluepianoElla Fitzgerald with The Mills Brothers2:46
1937-01-14Dedicated to YoupianoElla Fitzgerald with The Mills Brothers3:10
1937-01-14Love Marches OnpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:54
1937-01-14Oh, Yes, Take Another GuesspianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:41
1937-01-15Gee, but You're SwellpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:38
1937-01-15There's Frost on the MoonpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:53
1937-03-04Clap Hands! Here Comes CharleypianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:33
1937-03-04Strictly JivepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:16
1937-03-24Clap Hands! Here Comes CharleypianoChick Webb2:21
1937-03-24Cryin' MoodpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:35
1937-03-24It's Swell of YoupianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:15
1937-03-24Love Is the Thing So They SaypianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:51
1937-03-24Rusty HingepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:08
1937-03-24That Naughty WaltzpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:01
1937-03-24Wake Up and LivepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:40
1937-03-24You Showed Me the WaypianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:59
1937-03-24You Showed Me the WaypianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:09
1937-03-25Alabamy HomepianoThe Gotham Stompers3:00
1937-03-25Alabamy HomepianoThe Gotham Stompers3:06
1937-03-25Did Anyone Ever Tell You?pianoThe Gotham Stompers3:03
1937-03-25Did Anyone Ever Tell You?pianoThe Gotham Stompers2:57
1937-03-25Did Anyone Ever Tell You? (alternate take)pianoThe Gotham Stompers3:01
1937-03-25My Honey's Lovin' ArmspianoThe Gotham Stompers2:53
1937-03-25My Honey's Lovin' ArmspianoThe Gotham Stompers2:46
1937-03-25Where Are You?pianoThe Gotham Stompers2:52
1937-03-25Where Are You?pianoThe Gotham Stompers2:59
1937-05-24All Over Nothing at AllpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight2:41
1937-05-24Deep in the Heart of the SouthpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight3:16
1937-05-24Everyone's Wrong But MepianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight3:08
1937-05-24If You Ever Should LeavepianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight3:14
1937-09-21I Ain't Got NobodypianoChick Webb & his Little Chicks3:04
1937-09-21I Got RhythmpianoChick Webb & his Little Chicks2:37
1937-09-21In a Little Spanish TownpianoChick Webb & his Little Chicks2:42
1937-10-27Holiday in HarlempianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:12
1937-10-27I Got a GuypianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:22
1937-10-27Just a Simple MelodypianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:59
1937-10-27Rock It for MepianoElla Fitzgerald3:14
1937-10-27Strictly JivepianoChick Webb2:11
1937-10-27Strictly JivepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:16
1937-11-01Harlem CongopianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:17
1937-11-01Rock It for MepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:10
1937-11-01Squeeze MepianoChick Webb3:04
1937-11-01Squeeze MepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:13
1937-11-01Sweet Sue, Just YoupianoChick Webb & his Little Chicks2:46
1937-11-10Harlem CongopianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:11
1937-11-10Rock It ForpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:07
1937-12-17HallelujahpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra4:00
1937-12-17I Want to Be HappypianoChick Webb and His Orchestra4:18
1937-12-17I Want to Be HappypianoChick Webb and His Orchestra4:29
1937-12-17If Dreams Come TruepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:39
1937-12-17Midnite in a MadhousepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:36
1937-12-17Midnite in a Madhouse (Midnite in Harlem)pianoChick Webb2:29
1937-12-17The Dipsy DoodlepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:14
1937-12-21Bei mir bist du schoenpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight3:06
1937-12-21It's My Turn NowpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight2:56
1938-01-25I Was Doing All RightpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight2:54
1938-01-25It's WonderfulpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight2:57
1938-05-02A‐Tisket, A‐TasketpianoElla Fitzgerald & Chick Webb & His Orchestra2:39
1938-05-02AzurepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:14
1938-05-02AzurepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:06
1938-05-02Heart of MinepianoElla Fitzgerald with Chick Webb and His Orchestra2:55
1938-05-02I'm Just a JitterbugpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:18
1938-05-03(Oh Oh) What Do You Know About Love?pianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight3:03
1938-05-03If You Only KnewpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight2:47
1938-05-03Liza (All the Cloud'll Roll Away)pianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:46
1938-05-03Liza (All the Clouds Roll Away)pianoChick Webb2:35
1938-05-03Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away)pianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:47
1938-05-03Saving Myself for YoupianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight2:50
1938-05-03Spinnin' the WebbpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:07
1938-05-03This Time It’s RealpianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight3:09
1938-05-03We Can’t Go on This WaypianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight3:01
1938-05-03You Can't Be Mine (And Someone Else's Too)pianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight3:05
1938-05-03You Can't Be Mine (And Someone Else's Too) (-B)pianoElla Fitzgerald and Her Savoy Eight2:58
1938-06-09EllapianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:46
1938-06-09Everybody SteppianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:43
1938-06-09MacPherson is Rehearsin' (To Swing)pianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:07
1938-06-09Pack Up Your Sins and Go to the DevilpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:55
1938-08-17Gotta Pebble in My ShoepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:53
1938-08-17I Can't Stop Loving YoupianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:05
1938-08-17Wacky DustpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:04
1938-08-18I Let a Tear Fall in the RiverpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:12
1938-08-18Who Ya Hunchin'?pianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:53
1938-10-06F.D.R. JonespianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:54
1938-10-06I Found My Yellow BasketpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra2:35
1938-10-06I Love Each Move You MakepianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:01
1938-10-06It's FoxypianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:03
1939-01-09By HeckpianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:12
1939-02-17’Tain’t What You Do (It’s the Way That Cha Do It)pianoChick Webb and His Orchestra3:00
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