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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Annie Fehrplay 4:03
Aria Fehrplay 7:10
Aria (part of a “Anjunabeats Worldwide 07” DJ‐mix) Fehrplay 4:50
Ayita (Sydney Live Re-Edit) Fehrplay 7:16
Ayita / At Night (a cappella) Fehrplay & Shakedown 7:33
Ayita / At Night (a cappella) (part of a “Hed Kandi: The Remix 2011” DJ‐mix) Fehrplay / Shakedown 6:14
Dokebi Fehrplay 3:45
Dokebi Fehrplay 3:45
Dokebi (Extended Mix) Fehrplay 7:27
Everywhere You Go (Club Mix) Fehrplay 6:28
I Can't Stop It Fehrplay 7:56
Indigo (part of “Danny Howard: BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems” DJ-mix) Fehrplay 4:56
Lotus Fehrplay 4:47
Lotus Fehrplay 6:56
Lotus Fehrplay 7:03
Lotus Fehrplay 7:03
Lotus (original mix) Fehrplay 7:03
Lotus (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 67” DJ-mix) Fehrplay 4:16
Malnati (part of “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 79” DJ‐mix) Fehrplay 4:49
Meow Fehrplay 8:42
Meow (part of a “Ministry of Sound: The US Annual 2011” DJ‐mix) Fehrplay 5:03
Meow (extended mix) Fehrplay 7:40
Meow (original mix) Fehrplay 10:21
Meow (original mix) Fehrplay 3:45
Meow (original mix) Fehrplay 8:42
Nova (part of a “Kontor: Festival Sounds 2015: The Closing” DJ‐mix) Fehrplay & Disfunktion 5:22
Nova (Original Mix) Fehrplay & Disfunktion 6:56
Nova (radio edit) Fehrplay & Disfunktion 3:56
Nova (Radio Edit) Fehrplay & Disfunktion 3:56
Pandora (part of “BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems 2015 With Danny Howard” DJ‐mix) Fehrplay 4:48
Phantom Fehrplay 4:04
Pyara Fehrplay 5:19
Pyara Fehrplay 5:20
Pyara (part of a “WYM (Wake Your Mind) Sessions 001” DJ‐mix) Fehrplay 4:13
Pyara (live edit) Fehrplay 9:23
Pyara (live edit) Fehrplay ?:??
Rattata Fehrplay 7:57
Rattata Fehrplay 7:55
Rattata (part of “I Am Raver” DJ‐mix) Fehrplay 6:12
Rattata (original mix) Fehrplay 7:56

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