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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Abyssal Zoetropolis scntfc 5:09
Accutrac 4000 Sientific American 3:52
Accutrac 4000 Sientific American 3:54
Accutrac 4000 Sientific American 3:52
Against the Rocks (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 1:19
Against the Waves (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 4:39
Alsos (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 6:28
Alternate Axis: Direct Sientific American 3:11
alternate:axis:direct Sientific American 3:17
Alternate:Axis:Direct Sientific American 3:15
Argonaut (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 5:26
Argonaut Atalanta (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 5:22
Arise, Marble Zodiac scntfc 3:05
Beacon Bay (Oxenfree, insiders ep) scntfc 3:40
Beacon Beach (Oxenfree, insiders ep) scntfc 3:35
Beacon Beach (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 3:09
Berg's Theme (scntfc remix) scntfc 4:14
Better Not Go Alone (Oxenfree, insiders ep) scntfc 2:48
Between Urban Movements Scientific American 3:29
Between Urban Movements / Move Somethin (aca) Scientific American / Talib Kweli 2:58
Bjorn's Theme (scntfc remix) scntfc 3:14
Bonus Beat Scientific American 0:53
Boost the Mid-Range Sientific American 5:37
Boost the Mid-Range Sientific American 5:39
Boost the Mid-Range Sientific American 5:33
Catbird Station (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 2:54
Catchpole Station (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 1:55
Ccs Sientific American 6:13
CCs Sientific American 6:14
CCs Sientific American 6:09
Celestial Scrapyard (A-Tak's 8-Track) scntfc 2:27
Cleanslate (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 2:33
Cold Comfort (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 4:03
Dark Systems scntfc 4:41
Days Past (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 5:29
Dead Light (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 2:48
Deep Space Analog I Sientific American 4:00
Dreamscape scntfc 4:28
Drift in Place Scientific American 4:54
Drift in Place Scientific American ?:??
Epiphany Fields (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 3:54
Ffbe Scientific American ?:??
Ffbe / Hollaback Girl (aca) Scientific American / Gwen Stefani 2:37
Four Hour Window Scientific American 3:29
From the Leads (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 1:39
Gnorman's Theme (scntfc remix) scntfc 3:53
Into Battle (Fighter version) scntfc 7:58
Into Battle (Mech version) scntfc 4:52
Into the Breach scntfc 0:10
Introduction Sientific American 1:26
Introduction Sientific American 1:29
Introduction Sientific American 1:00
Jeffery's Theme (scntfc remix) scntfc 3:16
Jim Guthrie's Ballad of the Space Babies (scntfc remix) scntfc 3:33
Kanaloa (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 4:00
Kurokawa Entertainment Network scntfc 1:14
Lantern (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 1:15
Legend scntfc USE830905446 6:05
Lost (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 1:42
Lost (Prologue) (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 3:35
Lotus:Altar scntfc 5:52
Lotus:Fractal scntfc 3:04
Lotus:Quartet scntfc 2:33
Lotus:Ribbon scntfc 5:21
Luna's Theme (scntfc remix) scntfc 3:45
Million Lines (Slow Fade) Scientific American 4:03
Mix One Pedro / Bibio / Qua / Head Like a Kite / Devendra Banhart / S.E.V.A. / Caural / Fisk Industries / Lymbyc Systym / Octavius / Boy in Static / Scientific American / Andre Afram Asmar / Daedelus / Her Space Holiday / cLOUDDEAD / Daedelus / Loden / 4 bonjour's parties / Clue to Kalo / Her Space Holiday / Daedelus 43:51
Moon Grotto Station Four Zero Eight scntfc 2:11
On Return Of (remix) Scientific American ?:??
On Return Of (Sarod and Tabla mix) Scientific American ?:??
Operation Olympic (Oxenfree, insiders ep) scntfc 3:29
Phaulvromb Scientific American 4:33
Rogue Legacy (succeeded by scntfc) scntfc & Tettix 5:59
Saints of Infinity 1 Sientific American 3:33
Saints of Infinity 2 Sientific American 3:04
Saints of Infinity 3 Sientific American 8:02
Saints of Infinity 4 Sientific American 10:20
Saints of Infinity 5 Sientific American 4:20
Saints of Infinity 6 Sientific American 9:35
Saints of Infinity 7 Sientific American 5:50
Saints of Infinity 8 Sientific American 0:51
Saints of Infinity 9 Sientific American 5:57
Saints of Infinity Part IV Sientific American 10:44
Saints of Infinity Part V (Deep Space Analog 2) Sientific American 4:11
Saints of Infinity Part VI (Inter 1) Sientific American 10:09
saints of infinity, part VIII, IX Sientific American 6:47
Saints of Infinity, parts I-III Sientific American 13:24
See You In Heaven, High Five scntfc 8:15
simulated d.i.y. Sientific American 5:00
Simulated D.I.Y. Sientific American 5:06
Simulated D.I.Y. Sientific American 5:08
Strong for the Future Scientific American 4:30
Superluminal Wavelength (A-Tak's 8-Track) scntfc 1:24
The Alcazar Gambit scntfc 5:27
The Beach, 7AM (Oxenfree, original soundtrack) scntfc 4:57
The Dimensional (Fighter version) scntfc 3:14
The Dimensional (Mech version) scntfc 8:58
The Flower Sermon Sientific American 5:43
The Flower Sermon Sientific American 5:45
The Flower Sermon Sientific American 5:41

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