Boris S.G (Progressive Electronic/Berlin School)

~ Person

Performance name of: Борис Савостеня (electronic music producer)

Also performs as: SBG


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2016Anomaly ZonaBoris S.G1
2017Space Loop IIBoris S.G1
2017Ambient AlbumBoris S.G2
2017Hydro Plexus IIBoris S.G2
2017CocoonBoris SG1
2018Hydro Plexus IIIBoris SG1
2018Black HoleBoris S.G1
2018System 2019Boris S.G1
2018Assembly IIBoris SG1
2018Fire ClotBoris S.G1
2018Boris SGBoris SG1
2018ChanceBoris S.G1
2018Assembly IVBoris S.G1
2018RealityBoris SG1
2018VastBoris SG1
2018Berlin School at sunriseBoris SG1
2018AscendBoris SG1
2018Cold SkyBoris SG1
2019Summer days of the Berlin SchoolBoris SG1
2019Flying clouds of the Berlin SchoolBoris SG1
2019Assembly VIIBoris SG1
2019Coastal waveBoris SG1
2019Mosaic of stained glass in organ soundsBoris SG1
2019Story does not burnBoris SG1
2019Assembly VIIIBoris SG1
2019In bright memoryBoris SG1
2019Shadows on the pastBoris SG1
2019The crater worldBoris SG1
2019Covered with shadowBoris SG1
2019Misty hazeBoris SG1
2019Berlin School and starry skyBoris SG1
2019On the night roadBoris SG1
2019Layout albumBoris SG1
2019Layout album IIBoris SG1
2019Assembly IXBoris SG1
2019Turbo ModuleBoris S.G1
2019Warm airBoris SG1
2019Fleeting paintsBoris SG1
2019Assembly XBoris SG1
2019Alien PredatorBoris S.G1
2019Berlin School and winter excitementBoris SG1
2019Winter memory of springBoris SG1
2020VirusBoris SG2
2020Hanging cloudsBoris SG1
2020Berlin School and warm februaryBoris SG1
2020Atmospheric movementBoris SG1
2020Mix DriveBoris S.G1
2020Enticing LookBoris S.G1
2020Warm hopeBoris SG1
2020IntensityBoris SG1
2020Fire ExpressBoris S.G1
2020Mix Drive 2Boris S.G1
2020Color spectrumBoris S.G1
2020Sety ElectronBoris S.G1
2020ReactorBoris S.G1
2020NozzleBoris S.G1
2020Fast VirageBoris S.G1
2020StreamsBoris SG1
2020Virus (Second Wave)Boris SG1
2021Speed PaceBoris S.G1
2021Assembly XIBoris SG1
2021Mix Drive 3Boris S.G1
2021Assembly XIIBoris SG1
2021Stereo PhaseBoris S.G1
2021In The Aggregate UnitBoris SG1
2021Iron RoadBoris SG1
2021Rolled SteelBoris SG1
2021Assembly XIIIBoris SG1
2021Frozen DreamBoris S.G1
2021Cloud RipplesBoris SG1
2021Assembly XIVBoris SG1
2021Red StrandsBoris SG1
2022Assembly XIXBoris S.G1
2022Deep BasinBoris S.G1
2022Apparent MagnitudeBSG1
2022Merry ChristmasBoris S.G1
2022Mix Drive 4Boris S.G1
2023Tangerine FlavorBSG1
2023Star SpectrumPlazmator1
2023Assembly XXBoris SG1
2023Steep ZigzagBoris S.G1
2023Water DepthsBoris SG1
2023Mine PitBoris SG1
2023BunkerBoris SG1
2023AnnulusBoris SG1
2023InfiltratorBoris SG1
2023Synthetic JamBoris S.G1
2023Assembly XXIBoris S.G1
2023Yellow SandsBoris SG1
2023Angle AttackBoris S.G1
2023Sultry HeatBoris S.G1


2016ExistentBoris S.G2
2016Зона АномалийBoris S.G1
2016Pole LoveBoris SG1
2016The Best OfBoris S.G1
2016Hydro PlexusBoris SG2

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