Dälek (American experimental hip hop group)

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members: MC Dälek
The Oktopus
supporting turntable by: Still (Experimental turntablist)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Black Sand
T-Electronique (feat. Dälek) Faust 4:11
Chains (Dälek remix) The Blood of Heroes 4:15
In This City (remix by Deadverse) Enon 5:45
Megaton (Deadverse remix) Techno Animal 5:19
Megaton (remix) Techno Animal 5:19
Oversleeping (remixed by Dälek) Themselves 3:29
Rouge (Deadverse remix) Velma 6:41
Ruin It, Ruin Them, Ruin Yourself Then Ruin Me (Dälek remix) kid606 vs. Dälek 4:04
Virée Nocturne (Dälek / Deadverse Remix) Les Discrets 6:03
And / Or (Techno Animal vocal mix) guest and lead vocals 2nd Gen feat. Dälek 5:08
Black Sand Ghostigital 3:40
Hell guest and lead vocals Techno Animal feat. Dälek 5:33