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AliasSort nameBegin DateEnd DateTypeLocale
Geoffroy MussardMussard, GeoffroyLegal name
Shurik’nArtist name
Shurik’n Chang‐TiArtist name

Artist credits

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13 Organisé feat. Akhenaton, Jul, L’Algérino, Alonzo, Shurik’n, Fahar, Sch & Le Rat Luciano (see uses)
Akhenaton & La Fonky Family feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Akhenaton feat. Fonky Family , Shurik’n (see uses)
Akhenaton feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Akhenaton, Freeman & Shurik’n (see uses)
Akhenaton, Jul, L’Algérino, Alonzo, Shurik’n, Fahar, SCH & Le Rat Luciano (see uses)
Chiens de Paille feat. Akhenaton, Freeman & Shurik’n (see uses)
Color & Shurik’n (see uses)
Deluxe feat. IAM (Akhenaton & Shurik’n) (see uses)
Deluxe feat. IAM (Akhenaton & Shurik’n) & ‐M‐ (see uses)
Deluxe feat. ‐M‐ & IAM (Akhenaton & Shurik’n) (see uses)
Disiz featuring Taïro, Akhenaton & Shurik’n (see uses)
Disiz la Peste, Taïro, Akhenaton & Shurik’n (see uses)
Dubmatique (invité : Shurik’n) (see uses)
Dubmatique avec Shurik’n d’IAM (see uses)
Dubmatique feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Erick Sermon & Shurik’n (see uses)
Erick Sermon (EPMD), Sy Scott & Shurik’n (IAM) (see uses)
Erick Sermon, Sy Scott & Shurik’n (see uses)
Faf La Rage & Shurik’n (see uses)
Faf Larage & Damiani feat. Shurik’n & DJ Daz (see uses)
Faf Larage & Shurik’n (see uses)
Faf Larage , Shurik’n (see uses)
Freeman feat. Akhenaton & Shurik’n (see uses)
Freeman feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Freundeskreis feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Greis feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Ill feat. Le Rat, Akhenaton & Shurik’n (see uses)
Jahman Soldat & Shurik’n (see uses)
K. Rhyme Le Roi feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Kery James (Idéal J) / Rocca / Shurik’n / Hamed Däye (see uses)
Kery James, Rocca, Shurik’n & Hamed Däye (see uses)
Kheops & Shurik’n (see uses)
Kheops featuring Shurik’n Chang Ti (see uses)
K‐Reen & Shurik’n (see uses)
K‐Reen / Shurik’n (see uses)
La Brigade feat. Shurik’n & Faf Larage (see uses)
Le 3ème Œil feat Shurik’n (see uses)
Les Rieurs feat. Akhenaton, Shurik’n, K. Mel & J. Mi (see uses)
Les Rieurs feat.Akhenaton, Shurik’n, K.Mel et J‐Mi Sissoko (see uses)
Less du Neuf feat. Faf Larage & Shurik’n (see uses)
Linton Kwesi Johnson & Imhotep & Shurik’n (see uses)
L’Algérino feat. Segnor Alonzo, Soprano, Don Vincenzo, Akhenaton & Shurik’n (see uses)
Millie Jackson feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
N.A.P. feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Persofeat.Samm & Shurik’n (see uses)
Relo ft. Faf Larage, Le 3ème Œil, Shurik’n & Mino (see uses)
Saïd feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Scurfy, Shurik’n, Daddy Lord C, Akhenaton, Spawn, Mkadam, Thony Montanna & Leïla Rami (see uses)
Sens Unik feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Shabazz the Disciple feat. Afrob, Shurik’n, Ju & Skills En Masse (see uses)
Shabazz the Disciple feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Shabazz the Disciple, Shurik’n, Afrob, Ju & Skills En Masse (see uses)
Shurik'n (see uses)
Shurik’n (see uses)
Shurik’n & Akhenaton (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. 3ème Œil & Sista Micky (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Akhenaton (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Akhenaton & Samm, Jnoun (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Akhenaton & Saïd (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Demi Portion (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Faf La Rage (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Faf Larage (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Freeman (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Janik (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Melyn (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Samm (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Sat de la Fonky Family (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Saïd (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Saïd, Melyn (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Skyzoo & R.E.D.K (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Tragedy Khadafi (see uses)
Shurik’n feat. Veust (see uses)
Shurik’n featuring Akhenaton (see uses)
Shurik’n featuring Janik (see uses)
Stress feat. Shurik’n & Saïd (see uses)
Stress ft. Akhenaton, Shurik’n & L'as de Choeur (see uses)
Sté Strausz feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Taktika feat. Shurik’n (see uses)
Wallen feat. Shurik’n (see uses)