Mac Dre

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1993Young Black Brotha: The AlbumMac Dre2
1998Stupid Doo Doo DumbMac Dre22
1999Rapper Gone BadMac Dre2
1999Mac Dre Presents the Rompalation, Vol. 2Mac Dre2
2001Turf BuccaneersMac Dre Presents The Cutthoat Committee2
2001Mac Dre's the NameMac Dre2
2001It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say ItMac Dre2
2002Thizzelle WashingtonMac Dre3
2003The Fly GangstaMac Dre Presents Rydah J. Klyde41
2003Heart of Gangsta, Mind of a Hustler, Tongue of a PimpMac Dre1
2003California SlimMac Dre Presents Little Bruce1
2003Al Boo BooMac Dre2
2003Sumthin' TerribleMac Dre Presents Sumthin' Terrible1
2004The Genie of the LampMac Dre2
2004The Game Is... Thick, Part 2Mac Dre2
2004Amerikkkan SykoMac Dre presents Syko1
2004Ronald Dregan: DreganomicsMac Dre3
2005Da U.S. OpenMac Mall & Mac Dre51
2005Money Iz MotiveMac Dre Presents The Cutthoat Committee1
200616 Wit' Dre, Part TwoMac Dre1
2006UncutMac Dre1
2007Pill ClintonMac Dre1
2008Starters in the GameMac Dre1
2008A Tale of Two AndresAndre Nickatina & Mac Dre1
2008Dre Day: July 5th 1970Mac Dre1
2008For the StreetsMac Dre1
2021San Diego SpotLight, Vol. 2Juice Lee & Mac Dre1
Pill Clinton: The Relapse AlbumMac Dre1
The Rompalation Vol.1Mac Dre1

Album + Compilation

1993Tha Best of Mac DreMac Dre2.52
1996The Rompalation, Volume 1Mac Dre2
1998Don't Hate The Player, Hate The GameMac Dre1
2002Mac Dammit Man & Friends: City SlickersMac Dre2
2002Rompalation IIIMac Dre & Da Unda Dogg2
2004Best of Mac Dre IIMac Dre2
2004The AppearancesMac Dre1
200523109 Exhibition of SpeedMac Dre1
2005Thizz Nation, Volume 1Mac Dre1
2005Thizz Nation, Volume 2Mac Dre presents1
2006The Best of Mac Dre, Vol. 3Mac Dre2
2006Thizz Nation Vol. 7Mac Dre1
2007Me & My CuddieMac Dre & J Diggs2
2007Everybody Ain’t AbleMac Dre & Jay Tee1
2008What It Thizz?Mac Dre1
2010Tha Furly Ghost, Vol. 3Mac Dre Presents Husalah1
2011Special Guest Appearances 2Mac Dre1
2011Romp in Peace / Thizz in PeaceMac Dre / Johnny Ca$h1
2011From The Ground Up : The SoundtrackMac Dre & Kilo Curt2

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

200515 Years DeepMac Dre & Da Unda Dogg1

Album + Compilation + Mixtape/Street

2004The Rompalation: Best OfMac Dre, mixed by Daric B2

Album + Soundtrack

2006Treal TV, Vol. 2Mac Dre1

Album + Remix

2002Do You Remember? The Remix AlbumMac Dre1

Album + Mixtape/Street

2005Welcome to Thizz WorldDJ Rick Lee presents Mac Dre1
2005Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game #2Mac Dre & DJ Rick Lee1
200616 Wit' DreMac Dre1
2006Tales of II Andre'sMac Dre & Andre Nickatina1
2011Thizz Nation, Vol. 28Mac Dre Presents Stevie Joe1


2012Can't Tell Me NuthinThe Mekanix feat. Mac Dre, R.O.D., J. Stalin & Keak da Sneak1
2013Dedicated to the RichesMac Dre & Messy Marv1
2016Mac Dre DayMac Dre feat. Nef the Pharaoh, J-Diggs, D-Lo & Mistah F.A.B.1


1989Young Black BrothaMac Dre2
1991California Livin'Mac Dre2
1992Back n da HoodMac Dre1
1992What's Really Goin' On?Mac Dre1

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