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2016Composition 323 A; Composition 323 BAnthony Braxton, Tom Crean, Taylor Ho Bynum1
2016Compositions 175 & 126 (For Four Vocalists and Constructed Environment)Anthony Braxton, Creative Jazz Orchestra1
20174 Improvisations (Duets) 2004Anthony Braxton, Walter Franks1


19683 Compositions of New JazzAnthony Braxton33
1969Anthony BraxtonAnthony Braxton33
1970This Time...Anthony Braxton3
1971For AltoAnthony Braxton24
1972Saxophone Improvisations, Series F.Anthony Braxton45
1972Dona Lee (Donna Lee)Anthony Braxton43
1972Town Hall 1972Anthony Braxton45
1973Four Compositions (1973)Anthony Braxton2
1973The Complete BraxtonAnthony Braxton1
1974In the TraditionAnthony Braxton2
1974SilenceAnthony Braxton - Leroy Jenkins - Leo Smith31
1974Together AloneJoseph Jarman / Anthony Braxton2
1974Trio and DuetAnthony Braxton33
1975Duo 2Anthony Braxton, Derek Bailey1
1975Five Pieces (1975)Anthony Braxton52
1975New York, Fall 1974Anthony Braxton42
1976Creative Orchestra Music 1976Anthony Braxton44
1976Duets 1976Anthony Braxton with Muhal Richard Abrams31
1977In the Tradition, Volume 2Anthony Braxton3
1978Birth and RebirthMax Roach featuring Anthony Braxton3
1978For Four OrchestrasAnthony Braxton32
1978For TrioAnthony Braxton2
1978Roscoe Mitchell Duets with Anthony BraxtonRoscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton42
1979Alto Saxophone Improvisations 1979Anthony Braxton2
1980Seven Compositions 1978Anthony Braxton1
1981Composition 98Anthony Braxton3
1982Composition No. 95, For Two PianosAnthony Braxton42
1982Four PiecesGiorgio Gaslini · Anthony Braxton1
1982Open Aspects '82Anthony Braxton & Richard Teitelbaum2
1982Six Duets (1982)Anthony Braxton featuring John Lindberg2
1982Six Compositions: QuartetAnthony Braxton1
1983Four Compositions (Quartet) 1983Anthony Braxton2
1984Braxton & StockhausenBraxton, Stockhausen; Marianne Schroeder1
1985Composition 113Anthony Braxton2
1985Six Compositions (Quartet) 1984Anthony Braxton1
1985Seven Standards 1985, Volume 1Anthony Braxton11
1986Five Compositions (Quartet) 1986Anthony Braxton43
1986Anthony Braxton · Robert Schumann String QuartetAnthony Braxton; Anthony Braxton, Robert Schumann String Quartet1
1986Seven Standards 1985, Volume IIAnthony Braxton1
1987In the Tradition, Vol. 2Anthony Braxton1
1987Duets 1987Gino Robair, Anthony Braxton2
1988Six Monk's CompositionsAnthony Braxton42
1988Compositions 99, 101, 107 & 139Anthony Braxton3
198919 [Solo] Compositions, 1988Anthony Braxton32
1990In the Tradition, Vol. 1Anthony Braxton1
1990Eight (+3) Tristano Compositions 1989Anthony Braxton41
1990Prag 1984 (Quartet Performance)Anthony Braxton1
1991Eugene (1989)Anthony Braxton with The Northwestern Creative Orchestra4.51
1991Solo (London) 1988Anthony Braxton1
19922 Compositions (Ensemble) 1989/1991Anthony Braxton2
19928 Duets (Hamburg 1991)Anthony Braxton / Peter Niklas Wilson2
1992Composition No. 165 (For 18 Instruments)Anthony Braxton1
1993Moment PrécieuxDerek Bailey & Anthony Braxton2
19934 (Ensemble) CompositionsAnthony Braxton2
1993Composition N.96Anthony Braxton1
1994Composition No 174 (For Ten Percussionists, Slide Projections, Constructed Environment And Tape)Anthony Braxton1
1994Duet: Live at Merkin Hall, NYCAnthony Braxton & Richard Teitelbaum2
1995Duo (Wesleyan) 1994Abraham Adzinyah / Anthony Braxton2
1995Charlie Parker Project 1993Anthony Braxton3
1995Creative Orchestra (Köln) 1978Anthony Braxton2
1995Donaueschingen (Duo) 1976Anthony Braxton and George Lewis2
1995Solo Piano (Standards) 1995Anthony Braxton1
1996Composition No. 173Anthony Braxton2
1996Composition No. 102 (For Orchestra & Puppet Theatre)Anthony Braxton42
1996Piano Music (Notated) 1968-1988Anthony Braxton, Hildegard Kleeb1
1996Sextet (Istanbul) 1996Anthony Braxton1
199711 Compositions (Duo) 1995Anthony Braxton / Brett Larner1
1997A Memory Of ViennaRan Blake & Anthony Braxton21
1997Eight by ThreeBorah Bergman | Anthony Braxton | Peter Brötzmann1
1997Octet (New York) 1995Anthony Braxton31
1998Composition 192 (For Two Musicians & Constructed Environment)Anthony Braxton / Lauren Newton1
1998Compositions No. 10 & No. 16 (+101)Anthony Braxton22
199814 Compositions (Traditional) 1996Anthony Braxton / Stewart Gillmor Duo1
1999Two LinesDavid Rosenboom / Anthony Braxton1
1999Small Ensemble Music (Wesleyan) 1994Anthony Braxton1
1999Trillium RAnthony Braxton1
2000Quintet (Basel) 1977Anthony Braxton52
2000Nine Compositions (Hill) 2000Anthony Braxton, Kevin O'Neil, Paul Smoker, Andy Eulau, Steve Lehman & Kevin Norton52
2000Ten Compositions (Quartet) 2000Anthony Braxton1
2000Compositions/Improvisations 2000Anthony Braxton, Scott Rosenberg1
2001Composition N. 247Anthony Braxton41
2002Duets (Wesleyan) 2002Anthony Braxton, Taylor Ho Bynum2
2002Solo (Koln) 1978Anthony Braxton2
2002Ninetet (Yoshi's) 1997 Vol. 1Anthony Braxton1
2003Two Compositions (Trio) 1998Anthony Braxton2
2003Solo (Milano) 1979 Vol. 1Anthony Braxton2
2003Organic ResonanceAnthony Braxton and Wadada Leo Smith2
2003Anthony Braxton Sonny Simmons Brandon Evans Andre Vida Mike Pride Shanir BlumenkranzAnthony Braxton / Sonny Simmons / Brandon Evans / Andre Vida / Mike Pride / Shanir Blumenkranz1
2003Four Compositions (GTM) 2000Anthony Braxton1
2003Six Compositions (GTM) 2001Anthony Braxton42
200423 Standards QuartetAnthony Braxton1
2004Saturn, Conjunct the Grand Canyon in a Sweet EmbraceAnthony Braxton and Wadada Leo Smith2
2004Solo (Milano) 1979 Vol. 2Anthony Braxton1
2004The Song Is YouAnthony Braxton, Chick Corea, Jack De Johnette, Pat Metheny, Lee Konitz & Miroslav Vitous2
2004Six Standards (Quintet) 1996Anthony Braxton, Dave Douglas2
20052 + 2 CompositionsAnthony Braxton, Matt Bauder1
2005Ninetet (Yoshi's) 1997, Vol. 3Anthony Braxton2

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