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This entry is for the original Alice Cooper band, not the individual by the same name. This group disbanded in late 1974-early 1975. Please do not add any Events to this artist if they occurred after 1974.

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2005The Original Heavy Metal AlbumVarious Artists1
2017ParanormalAlice Cooper36
2017Smash Hits: No. 1sVarious Artists1

Album + Compilation

1970Looney Tunes and Merrie MelodiesVarious Artists1
1971TogetherVarious Artists1
1973Superstars of the 70sVarious Artists1
1974Heavy Metal: 24 Electrifying PerformancesVarious Artists2
1974Listen to the Music: 20 Smash HitsVarious Artists1
1984Remember The 70's (Volume 6)Various Artists1
1987Classic RockVarious Artists1
1987Freedom RockVarious Artists1
1987Original Artists: Twenty Classic TracksVarious Artists1
1988Ones on 1Various Artists1
1988Electric SeventiesVarious Artists1
1988Hard ’n’ Heavy HammerVarious Artists1
1989Glam SlamVarious Artists1
1989Het beste uit de top 100 aller tijden volume 2Various Artists1
1989Rock Ballads, Volume 1Various Artists1
1989Rock Classics: Rock Album, Volume 2Various Artists1
1989Sounds of the Seventies: 1971Various Artists1
1989Sounds of the Seventies: 1972Various Artists1
1990Heavy Metal MemoriesVarious Artists1
1990Glam Crazee! 20 Original Glam Rock HitsVarious Artists1
1990Guitar RockVarious Artists1
1990Rock GenerationVarious Artists1
1990Rock Times, Volume 09: 1971-1972Various Artists1
1991Larry’s Party Rock 2Various Artists1
199125 Rock Hits: The Masters of the Rock Era, Vol. 1Various Artists1
199175 All-Time Rock & Pop HitsVarious Artists1
1991All-Time RockVarious Artists1
1991Born to Be Wild: The Original Rock ClassicsVarious Artists1
1991Marquee MetalVarious Artists1
1991Play Me the Blues… The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 3Various Artists1
1991Pop Classics: The Long Versions 2Various Artists1
1991Rock ClassicsVarious Artists1
1991Those Rocking ’70sVarious Artists1
1991We Will Rock YouVarious Artists52
1992The Lion Rocks TonightVarious Artists1
1992Bravo Hits 2Various Artists1
199216 All-Time Rock Hits 2Various Artists1
1992Back to the 70’s, Volume 2Various Artists1
1992Easy Livin’: Rock of the Seventies, Volume 2Various Artists1
1992Guitar Rock: MonstersVarious Artists1
1992Heavy Rock: Cut the CrapVarious Artists1
1992Het Beste uit de Top 100 AllertijdenVarious Artists1
1992Only the Best ’70, Volume 3Various Artists1
1992Pop Classics, Volume 1Various Artists1
1992Rock FavouritesVarious Artists1
1992Smashie & Nicey, Let's Rock!Various Artists1
1992Sounds of the Seventies: Guitar PowerVarious Artists2
1992Sounds of the Seventies: Seventies Top FortyVarious Artists1
1992The Boys Are Back in TownVarious Artists1
1992The Flashback of the 70'sVarious Artists3
1992The Rock BoxVarious Artists1
1992The Rock Collection: Rock of AgesVarious Artists1
1992The Rock Collection: Rock PowerVarious Artists1
1992Tour of Duty 5: The Strongest Popclassics From the 60's and 70'sVarious Artists1
1993Entertainment Weekly: Rock AnthemsVarious Artists1
1993Glam RockVarious Artists1
1993MasterpiecesVarious Artists1
1993Masterpieces of RockVarious Artists2
1993Spring BreakVarious Artists1
1993Super OldiesVarious Artists1
1993The Rock Collection: Rock ResurrectionVarious Artists1
1993Tour of Duty 6: The Strongest Popclassics From the 60’s and 70’sVarious Artists1
1993Tour of Duty GoldVarious Artists1
1994The Best Rock Album in the World… Ever!Various Artists4
1994Sounds of the SeventiesVarious Artists1
199440 Golden Oldies, Volume 4Various Artists2
199440 Golden Oldies, Volume 8Various Artists1
1994American Rock ClassicsVarious Artists1
1994Born to Be Wild III: 18 Rock ClassicsVarious Artists1
1994Guitar Rock: 1970-1971Various Artists1
1994Guitar Rock: 1972–1973Various Artists1
1994Guitar Rock: The Early '70sVarious Artists1
1994Guitar Rock: The Mid-'70sVarious Artists1
1994Heavy 100Various Artists1
1994Het Museum, Volume 1Various Artists1
1994RockVarious Artists1
1994The 70’s: 1972Various Artists1
1994The 70’s: 1973Various Artists1
1994The No. 1 Hits 1972Various Artists1
1994VTM Holiday Party Hits 2Various Artists1
199510 Great Artists - 10 Great SongsVarious Artists1
1995The Best Rock Album in the World… Ever! IIVarious Artists31
199518 Screamers From the 70’sVarious Artists1
1995Rock of AgesVarious Artists1
199525 Years: Greatest HitsVarious Artists1
199525 Oldies Best, Vol. 7Various Artists1
199525 Oldies Best, Vol. 14Various Artists1
1995All Out RockVarious Artists1
1995Guitar Rock: The Early ’70s: Take TwoVarious Artists1
1995Guitar Rock: The Early ’70s: The Hard StuffVarious Artists1
1995Guitar Rock: The Mid-’70s: Take TwoVarious Artists1
1995Les incontournables des années 70Various Artists1
1995Metal Foundry, Volume 2Various Artists1
1995The 70's: 1973: Back in the GrooveVarious Artists1
1995The 70’s: 1972: Back in the GrooveVarious Artists1
1995The No. 1 All Time Rock AlbumVarious Artists1
1996The Best Rock Anthems in the World… Ever!Various Artists1

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