Alice Cooper (the group)

~ Group


members: Michael Bruce (of Alice Cooper) (guitar, keyboard)
Glen Buxton (American guitarist) (guitar)
Dennis Dunaway (bass guitar)
Neal Smith (former Alice Cooper drummer) (membranophone)
original eponymous members: Alice Cooper (the musician Vincent Damon Furnier) (lead vocals)
tribute artists: Halo of Flies (Alice Cooper tribute band based in Arizona)
tours: Billion Dollar Babies Tour
Killer Tour
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Date Title Artist Length
Be Chrool to Your Scuel Twisted Sister 3:55
Because Alice Cooper feat. Bee Gees 2:45
Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn) Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper 4:13
10 Minutes Before the Worm Alice Cooper 1:42
Apple Bush Alice Cooper 3:11
B.B. on Mars Alice Cooper 1:20
Changing Arranging Alice Cooper 3:04
Earwigs to Eternity Alice Cooper 1:22
Fields of Regret Alice Cooper 5:47
Levity Ball (live at the Cheetah) Alice Cooper 4:42
Living Alice Cooper 3:14
No Longer Umpire Alice Cooper 2:04
Reflected Alice Cooper 3:17
Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio Alice Cooper 5:45
Titanic Overture Alice Cooper 1:15
Today Mueller Alice Cooper 1:50
Mutations: A Tribute to Alice Cooper Various Artists