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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(I Don't Want Nobody Gonna) Steal My Love From Me Esquerita 2:30
At the Dew Drop Inn Esquerita 1:45
Baby Come Back Esquerita 2:20
Baby, You Can Depend on Me Esquerita 2:45
Battie Over Hattie Esquerita ?:??
Believe Me When I Say Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay Esquerita 2:18
C.C. Rider Esquerita 2:32
Crazy, Crazy Feeling Esquerita 2:24
Dew Drop Inn Esquerita 2:22
Esquerita and the Voola Esquerita 2:13
Get Along Honey, Honey Esquerita 2:14
Get Back Baby Esquerita 2:12
Gettin' Plenty Lovin' Esquerita! 2:03
Golly Golly Annie Mae Esquerita 2:36
Hey Miss Lucy Esquerita 2:08
Hittin’ on Nothing Esquerita 2:03
Hittin’ on Nothing (version 2) Esquerita 2:04
Hole in My Heart Esquerita 1:52
I Can't Stand It Anymore Esquerita 2:37
I Found Her Esquerita 2:35
I Got a Lot to Learn (acetate) Esquerita 2:55
I Guess I'll Go Through Life Alone Esquerita 3:00
I Live the Life I Love (version 1) Esquerita 2:11
I Live the Life I Love (version 2) Esquerita 2:21
I Need You Esquerita! 2:08
I'm Battie Over Hattie Esquerita! 2:11
Just Another Lie Esquerita 2:41
Katie Mae Esquerita 1:59
Laid Off Esquerita 2:24
Leave Me Alone Esquerita 2:22
Leave Me Alone (version 2) Esquerita 2:23
Letter Full of Tears Esquerita 3:46
Maybe Baby Esquerita 2:15
Mississippi God-Damn Esquerita 3:41
Never Again Esquerita 1:31
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out Esquerita 4:26
Nobody Wants You (When You're Down and Out) Esquerita 2:30
Oh Baby Esquerita ?:??
Oh Baby Esquerita 2:13
Oh Baby (acetate) Esquerita 2:49
On Broadway Esquerita 4:46
Please Come Home Esquerita ?:??
Please Come Home Esquerita 2:42
Please Come on Home (acetate) Esquerita 3:15
Rockin' the Joint (acetate) Esquerita 2:50
Rockin' The Joint Esquerita USCA28901385 2:03
Sarah Lee Esquerita 2:21
Sarah Lee (acetate) Esquerita 2:22
She Left Me Crying Esquerita 2:33
Sinner Man Esquerita 8:54
Sinner Man (version 2) Esquerita 6:58
Sock It to Me Baby Esquerita 1:44
Sweet Skinny Jenny Esquerita 2:18
The Rock-A-Round Esquerita 2:50
This Thing Called Love Esquerita 2:31
This Thing Called Love Esquerita 2:25
This Thing Called Love (acetate) Esquerita 2:09
Until Then Esquerita 2:55
Wait a Minute Baby Esquerita 2:37
What Was Wrong (acetate) Esquerita 2:31
What's Wrong With You Esquerita 2:36
Why Did It Take You So Long Esquerita 2:53
Why Did It Take You So Long Esquerita! 2:30
Wig-Wearin' Baby Esquerita 2:04
You Can't Pull Me Down Esquerita 2:29
You Can't Pull Me Down Esquerita 2:24

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