member of:The Marty Paich Dek‐Tette
Johnny Richards and His Orchestra
students:Jennifer Kummer (US french horn player)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1946-10-22White ChristmasFrench hornHarry James and His Orchestra3:17
1946-11-13Lover, Come Back to MeFrench hornHarry James and His Orchestra3:14
1946-11-13The Man With the HornFrench hornHarry James and His Orchestra3:20
1947-03-11Stella by StarlightVincent De RosaFrench hornFrank Sinatra3:22
1947-08-17But BeautifulFrench hornFrank Sinatra3:11
1953-04-02Day In, Day OutFrench hornFrank Sinatra3:20
1953-04-02Don’t Make a Beggar of MeFrench hornFrank Sinatra3:05
1953-04-02I’m Walking Behind YouFrench hornFrank Sinatra2:58
1953-04-02Lean Baby (original studio master)French hornFrank Sinatra2:34
1954-01-18I Should CareFrench hornJune Christy2:12
1954-01-19I’ll Take RomanceFrench hornJune Christy2:20
1954-04-29In the Shade of the Old Apple ThreeFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:23
1954-04-29Jingle Bells MamboFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:53
1954-04-29My Funny ValentineFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:49
1954-04-29PoincianaFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:17
1954-06-21Here's Petehorn [horns]Pete Rugolo and His Orchestra?:??
1955-02-22Bobbin' With BobFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:49
1955-02-22Bongo DanceFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:19
1955-02-22Little White LiesFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:10
1955-02-22Quiet Village (Cha-Cha-Cha)French hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:58
1955-03-04Deep in a Dream (original studio mix)French hornFrank Sinatra2:49
1955-03-04I’ll Never Be the Same (original studio mix)French hornFrank Sinatra3:06
1955-03-04It Never Entered My Heart (1955 original studio mix)French hornFrank Sinatra2:42
1955-04-04Conversation PieceFrench hornDuane Tatro3:02
1955-04-04Low ClearanceFrench hornDuane Tatro3:01
1955-04-04Maybe Next YearFrench hornDuane Tatro2:57
1955-04-04OutpostFrench hornDuane Tatro3:09
1955-05-10I’m ThrilledFrench hornJune Christy2:42
1955-05-10The Night We Called It a DayFrench hornJune Christy4:50
1955-05-10This Time the Dream’s on MeFrench hornJune Christy1:32
1955-11-01Dollar DayFrench hornDuane Tatro3:38
1955-11-01Easy TermsFrench hornDuane Tatro4:13
1955-11-01Minor IncidentFrench hornDuane Tatro3:27
1956-07-10Can't We Talk It Over?French hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra4:55
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31A Ship Without a SailVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald4:11
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31BewitchedVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald7:04
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Blue MoonVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:15
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Dancing on the CeilingVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald4:10
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Ev'rything I've GotVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:27
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Give It Back to the IndiansVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:15
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Have You Met Miss Jones?Vince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:45
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Here in My ArmsVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald1:56
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I Could Write a BookVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:40
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I Didn’t Know What Time It WasVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:49
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I Wish I Were in Love AgainVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:40
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31I’ve Got Five DollarsVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:42
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Isn’t It Romantic?Vince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:02
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31It Never Entered My MindVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald4:10
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Johnny One NoteVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:16
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Little Girl BlueVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:53
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31LoverVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:16
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Lover (mono take)Vince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:17
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31ManhattanVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:51
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Mountain GreeneryVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:16
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31My Funny ValentineVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:55
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31My Heart Stood StillVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:06
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31My RomanceVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:46
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Spring Is HereVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:42
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Ten Cents a DanceVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald4:10
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31The Blue RoomVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:35
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31The Lady Is a TrampVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:24
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31The Silent TreatmentVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:51
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31There’s a Small HotelVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:50
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31This Can’t Be LoveVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:58
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Thou SwellVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:07
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31To Keep My Love AliveVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:38
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Wait Till You See HerVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald1:30
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Where or WhenVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:51
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31With a Song in My HeartVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald2:46
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31You Took Advantage of MeVince DeRosaflugelhornElla Fitzgerald3:31
1956-08AijalonFrench hornJohnny Richards And His Orchestra?:??
1956-08Band AideFrench hornJohnny Richards And His Orchestra?:??
1956-08Burrito Borracho (Inebriated Donkey)French hornJohnny Richards And His Orchestra?:??
1956-08DimplesFrench hornJohnny Richards And His Orchestra?:??
1956-08For All We KnowFrench hornJohnny Richards And His Orchestra?:??
1956-08Long Ago and Far AwayFrench hornJohnny Richards And His Orchestra?:??
1956-08Turn AbootFrench hornJohnny Richards And His Orchestra?:??
1956-10-31All the Things You Are (mono)French hornPete Rugolo And His Orchestra3:07
1956-10-31Brass at WorkFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:26
1956-10-31GodchildFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:12
1956-10-31My Mother's EyesFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra4:24
1956-11-21A Rose for DavidFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:35
1956-11-21Everything Happens to MeFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:44
1956-11-21SaluteFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:31
1956-11-21Song for TubaFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:02
1956-11-21TemptationFrench hornPete Rugolo and His Orchestra3:03
1956-11A Fine RomanceFrench hornMel Tormé3:05
1956-11A Foggy DayFrench hornMel Tormé2:48
1956-11Can't Take That Away From MeFrench hornMel Tormé3:04
1956-11Cheek to CheekFrench hornMel Tormé3:01
1956-11Face the Music and DanceFrench hornMel Tormé2:22
1956-11Let's Call the Whole Thing OffFrench hornMel Tormé3:29
1956-11Nice Work If You Can Get ItFrench hornMel Tormé3:13
1956-11Something's Gotta GiveFrench hornMel Tormé4:01
1956-11The PiccolinoFrench hornMel Tormé2:38
1956-11The Way You Look TonightFrench hornMel Tormé2:25
1956-11They All LaughedFrench hornMel Tormé2:29
1956-11Top Hat, White Ties and TailsFrench hornMel Tormé3:11
1956-12-10Blues for SusieFrench hornThe Lennie Niehaus Octet3:38
1956-12-10FourFrench hornThe Lennie Niehaus Octet4:03
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