Raise Your HandsPsyko Punkz12" Vinyl2
  • BE2008-11-05
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX0095425007457094
Overclipping / UncutPsyko Punkz12" Vinyl2
  • BE2009-03-12
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX0125425007457124
Ghostclass / 2 FollowPsyko Punkz12" Vinyl2
  • BE2009-10-05
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX0145425007457148
Rock Ya Attitude / Digging For TruthPsyko Punkz12" Vinyl2
  • BE2010-05-03
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX-0225425007457223
BassboomPsyko PunkzDigital Media1
  • NL2010-10-27
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX 034D
BassBoom EPPsyko Punkz12" Vinyl4
  • BE2010-11-22
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX-0345425007457346
BassBoom EPPsyko PunkzDigital Media3
  • NL2010-11-22
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX 034SD
Decibel 2011Psyko Punkz, Endymion & Ruthless3×CD18 + 22 + 41
  • NL2011-08-19
Cloud 9 Dance (only for releases with the logo “Cloud 9 Dance” on it)CB2S2011003
DreamerPsyko Punkz12" Vinyl2
  • BE2011-08-22
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX-062
DreamerPsyko PunkzDigital Media2
  • BE2011-08-22
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX-062
Let's Get Ill / Feel The Rhythm (Alpha² Remix)Psyko PunkzDigital Media2
  • BE2012-01-11
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX-0755425007457759
Beyond Belief (Reverze Anthem 2012)Psyko PunkzDigital Media1
  • BE2012-02-27
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX-084
Psyko Foundation EPPsyko PunkzDigital Media2
  • BE2012-05-03
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX-093
Qlimax - Fate Or FortunePsyko PunkzCD20
  • NL2012-11-23
Be Yourself MusicBYMCD0268715576146886
Stream Of Blood / Phone PrankPsyko PunkzDigital Media2
  • BE2012-12-13
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX-118
Electro BamPsyko PunkzDigital Media1
  • NL2013-03-15
Love This LifePsyko PunkzDigital Media1
  • NL2013-06-17
Back Again (Official Decibel 2014 Anthem)Psyko PunkzDigital Media2
  • NL2014-07-01
B2S Records (Dutch dance event organisation)B2SR2014002D
We Stay UpPsyko PunkzDigital Media1
  • NL2014-10-20
Shadow Mask MusicSM003
Like A LocoPsyko PunkzDigital Media2
  • BE2015-03-12
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX-225
Hit The BongPsyko PunkzDigital Media2
  • BE2015-04-28
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX-240
DoutzenPsyko Punkz Feat. MurdaDigital Media1
  • BE2015-07-21
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX-255
WietsePsyko PunkzCD16
  • BE2017-04-21
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWXCD-14
After MF (Bass Modulators remix)Psyko PunkzDigital Media1
  • BE2020-09-11
Dirty Workz (Belgian Hardstyle label)DWX849[none]
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