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members: Simon Haddock
Buc Hamill
Cliff Mitchell
Phil Woolsey
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Wikidata: Q16851989 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Joyrider (band) [info]


Date Title Artist Length
Another Skunk Song Joyrider 2:48
Are You Sure You're Alright Joyrider 3:50
Bible Black-Belt Joyrider 3:06
Fabulae Joyrider 2:04
I Cursed You Joyrider 3:29
I Don't Give In Joyrider 2:54
Imagine Dead Language Joyrider 4:03
Nobody Home Joyrider 2:25
Said She to Me Joyrider 2:48
Strikes Sparks Everywhere Joyrider 2:38
That Tired Joyrider 3:55
Vegetable Animal Mineral Joyrider 3:46