HIM (Finnish rock band)

~ Group


members: Mikko Paananen
Antto Melasniemi (keyboard) (– 1998)
Juhana Rantala (drums (drum set)) (– 1999)
Zoltan Pluto (keyboard) (1998 – 2000)
Gas Lipstick (drums (drum set)) (1999 – 2015-01-27)
Emerson Burton (background vocals, keyboard, piano) (2000 –)
original members: Migé Amour (background vocals, bass guitar, double bass)
Lily Lazer (background vocals, guitar)
Ville Valo (lead vocals, guitar)
signed by: Sire Records
Warner Bros. Records Inc. (not for release label use, company behind the “WB Records” imprint)
Allmusic: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/mn0000577091 [info]
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Wikidata: Q23479 [info]
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http://www.h-i-m666.com/heartless666/indexf.htm [info]
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https://open.spotify.com/artist/74aLweE8FHHf4yN5TWv1GM [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
It's All Tears (unplugged radio live) HIM 3:49
Join Me (13th Floor mix) HIM 3:40
Join Me in Death HIM 3:38
Again HIM 3:32
Bleed Well co HIM 4:24
Cyanide Sun co HIM 5:51
Dead Lovers' Lane co HIM 4:28
For You (unplugged radio live) HIM 4:08
In Joy and Sorrow (radio edit) HIM 3:34
In Joy and Sorrow (String version) HIM 5:02
It's All Tears (unplugged radio live) HIM 3:49
Love in Cold Blood co HIM 5:54
Passion's Killing Floor co HIM 5:11
Rebel Yell (live) HIM 5:13
Sleepwalking Past Hope co HIM 10:05
Song or Suicide co HIM 1:12
The Kiss of Dawn co HIM 5:48
Venus Doom co HIM 5:07
Heartagrass: An Acoustic Tribute to HIM Jussi Syren and the Groundbreakers
The String Quartet Tribute to H.I.M. Vitamin String Quartet