Stone Sour

~ Group


members: Johny Chow
Christian Martucci
Joel Ekman (membranophone) (1992 – 2006-03-25)
Jim Root (guitar family, keyboard, background vocals) (1995 – 2014-05-17)
Josh Rand (guitar family) (2001 –)
Roy Mayorga (membranophone) (2006-05-10 –)
original members: Corey Taylor (lead vocals, guitar family, piano) (1992 –)
Shawn Economaki (bass guitar) (1992 – 2012)
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Date Title Artist Length
Fabuless Stone Sour 4:00
Friday Knights Stone Sour 5:17
Hydrograd Stone Sour 4:37
Inside the Cynic Stone Sour 3:23
Knievel Has Landed Stone Sour 4:01
Mercy Stone Sour 3:23
Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I) Stone Sour 4:56
Somebody Stole My Eyes Stone Sour 3:47
Song #3 Stone Sour 4:16
St. Marie Stone Sour 4:27
Taipei Person / Allah Tea Stone Sour 5:16
Thank God It’s Over Stone Sour 3:36
The Witness Trees Stone Sour 4:45
When the Fever Broke Stone Sour 6:32
Whiplash Pants Stone Sour 4:19
YSIF Stone Sour 2:02
Embracing The Heaviness: The String Quartet Tribute to Stone Sour Vitamin String Quartet