Aldebaran (sludge metal band from Portland, Oregon)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Aldebaran Red 7:53
Aldebaran Red 7:47
Astoroth 4:35
Beasts at the Throne 7:50
Buried Beneath Aeons 28:00
Forever in the Dream of Death 24:58
Occultation of Dim Carcosa 2:05
Occultation of Hali's Gates 3:22
Occultation of Ocular Tauri 6:38
Pillars of Geph 16:01
Pleasures Of War 2:11
Sentinel of a Sunless Abyss 29:38
Sightless and Silent Into Blackened Gulphs 19:41
Sorceries of the Plague 5:30
The Ghoul 6:00
The Obscene 6:42
They Bend The Trees And Crush The Cities 4:46
Tower Of Famine 8:12

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