The Eternals (French house/electro trio)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Alone 1:45
Andromeda Gate 5:53
Andromeda Gate 6:59
Andromeda Gate (part of "Dirty Dirty House, Volume One" DJ mix) 6:57
Andromedia Gate ?:??
AstroPioneers (part of "Dirty Dirty House, Volume One" DJ mix) 2:43
Astropioneers (Main Theme) 6:52
Astropioneers (radio edit) 3:55
Birthday in the Stars 0:58
Diary Report 6:39
Emergency 1:07
Rebel's Revenge 5:37
Revelation 1:45
Running Nowhere 3:04
Strange World 19:28
Strange World (Eye to Eye With M. Mayer mix) 6:51
Strange World (Obak Autokhan's Need for Speed remix) 6:05
Strange World (Octet 2 in 1 remix) (feat. Beatdozer) 5:23
Strange World (radio edit) 3:26
Strange World (Recloose mix) 6:00
Time Bomb 3:37
Virtual Sex Lounge 2:27
Walk for Me 4:30
Walk for Me ?:??
Wrath of Zeus 4:32
Wrath of Zeus (dub mix) 3:53
Wrath of Zeus (Light mix) 3:58
Wrath of Zeus (Light mix) 3:54
Wrath of Zeus (original mix) 7:18
Wrath of Zeus (original mix) 7:14
Wrath of Zeus (radio edit) 3:37
Wrath of Zeus (Zeusappella) 1:40
Wrath of Zeus (Zeusappella) 1:37
X Zone 0:41
Zero Gravity 3:27

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