Talla 2XLC

~ Person

Performance name of: Andreas Tomalla

Also performs as: T2 (alias of Talla 2XLC), Technoclub Inc., Two of China, Zyrus 7 (psytrance alias of German trance producer Talla 2XLC)


Unspecified type

1998HypnoticTalla 2XLC and Resistance D2


1997Talla 2XLCTalla 2XLC1
2004TranceologyTalla 2XLC2
2012Tranceology 2Talla 2XLC1
2019Fascinated (Talla 2XLC)Talla 2XLC2
2021Carpe DiemTalla 2XLC2
PulseTalla 2XLC1

Album + Compilation

1995Tetsuo - Music From Technoclub (First One)Talla 2XLC1
1997ProgTrance Vol. 1Talla 2XLC1
1997Solotech OneTalla 2XLC1
1998HR 3 Clubnight, Volume 2Talla 2XLC1
199820 Years of DJ'ing 1978-1998Talla 2XLC1
1998Ibiza TranceTalla 2XLC1
1998TechnopolisTalla 2XLC1
2010Tetsuo Vol. 1Talla 2XLC1
2013Trance ClassicsTalla 2XLC1
2023Techno Club Vol. 69Talla 2XLC & Woody van Eyden1

Album + Compilation + Live + DJ-mix

2000Techno Club, Volume 11Talla 2XLC goes Pulsedriver1
2001Techno Club, Volume 14Talla 2XLC welcomes Cosmic Gate1
2013Techno Club, Volume 41Talla 2XLC and The Thrillseekers1
2013Techno Club, Volume 42Talla 2XLC meets Manuel Le Saux & Ferry Tayle1
2013Techno Club, Volume 43Talla 2XLC and Indecent Noise1
2014Techno Club, Volume 44Talla 2XLC and John O’Callaghan1
2014Techno Club, Volume 45Talla 2XLC featuring RAM1
2014Techno Club, Volume 46Talla 2XLC & Darren Porter1
2015Techno Club, Volume 47Talla 2XLC meets Liquid Soul1
2015Techno Club, Volume 48Talla 2XLC and Menno de Jong1
2015Techno Club, Volume 49Talla 2XLC1
2016Techno Club, Volume 50Talla 2XLC & Kai Tracid1
2017Techno Club, Volume 52Talla 2XLC with ReOrder1
2017Techno Club, Volume 53Talla 2XLC & Markus Schulz1
2018Techno Club, Volume 55Talla 2XLC1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

1997We Are Future - Label Compilation Vol. 1DJ Talla 2XLC1
1998Techno Club, Volume 4Talla 2XLC and Resistance D1
1998Techno Club, Volume 5Talla 2XLC with DJ Hooligan1
1998Technopolis, Vol. 2Talla 2XLC1
2000Techno Club, Volume 9Talla 2XLC welcomes Yves de Ruyter1
2000Technoclub @ Space Club Ibiza - Ibiza Summer Edition 2000Talla 2XLC1
2000Techno Club, Volume 10Talla 2XLC @ Kay Cee1
2000Mindworx TranceTalla 2XLC1
2000Suck Me Plasma - In The MixTalla 2XLC1
2001Mindworx Trance 2Talla 2XLC1
2001Technoclub @ Space Club Ibiza - Ibiza Summer Edition 2001Talla 2XLC1
2001Techno Club, Volume 15Talla 2XLC scans Tomcraft1
2003Technics DJ Set, Volume EightDJ Shog / Talla 2XLC1
2004Techno Club, Next: Presented by Talla 2XLCTalla 2XLC1
2005Techno Club ⏩ Next²Talla 2XLC meets Kyau vs. Albert1
2007Techno Club, Volume 23Talla 2XLC meets Alex M.O.R.P.H. b2b Woody van Eyden1
2007Techno Club, Volume 24Talla 2XLC meets Sean Tyas1
2008Techno Club, Volume 25Talla 2XLC joins Johan Gielen1
2008Techno Club, Volume 26Talla 2XLC battles M.I.K.E.1
2009Techno Club, Volume 29Talla 2XLC meets Giuseppe Ottaviani1
2009Techno Club, Volume 30Talla 2XLC invites Aly & Fila1
2009Techno Club, Volume 31Talla 2XLC faces Ronski Speed1
2010Techno Club, Volume 32Talla 2XLC vs. Simon Patterson1
2010Techno Club, Volume 33Talla 2XLC meets W&W1
2010Techno Club, Volume 34Talla 2XLC battles Jorn van Deynhoven1
2011Techno Club, Volume 35Talla 2XLC joins Ummet Ozcan1
2011Techno Club, Volume 36Talla 2XLC allies with Marcus Schössow1
2011Techno Club, Volume 37Talla 2XLC and Greg Downey1
2012Techno Club, Volume 38Talla 2XLC vs. Dennis Sheperd1
2012Techno Club, Volume 39Talla 2XLC collabs with Leon Bolier1
2012Techno Club, Volume 40Talla 2XLC & Claudia Cazacu1
2016Techno Club, Volume 51Talla 2XLC and Adam Ellis1
2018Techno Club, Volume 54Talla 2XLC and Neelix1
2020Techno Club, Volume 58Talla 2XLC & Alex M.O.R.P.H.1
2020Techno Club, Volume 59Talla 2XLC & Allen Watts1
2021Techno Club Vol.61Talla 2XLC & Jerome Isma‐Ae1
2022Techno Club Vol.66Talla 2XLC & Alex di Stefano1
2022Techno Club Vol.67Talla 2XLC Meets Ralphie B2

Album + Live

1997Techno Club, Volume 1Talla 2XLC vs. Taucher1
1998Techno Club, Volume 2Talla 2XLC meets Tom Wax1
1999Techno Club, Volume 6Taucher battles Talla 2XLC11
1999Techno Club, Volume 8Talla 2XLC calls MOGUAI1
2001Techno Club, Volume 12Talla 2XLC vs. DuMonde1
2001Techno Club, Volume 13Talla 2XLC meets DJ Tandu1
2002Techno Club, Volume 16Talla 2XLC seeks VooDoo & Serano1
2002Techno Club, Volume 17: Talla 2XLC >>> His Own ChallengeTalla 2XLC1
2006Techno Club, Volume 20Talla 2XLC vs. Marc van Linden1
2006Techno Club, Volume 21Talla 2XLC vs. Tillmann Uhrmacher1
2007Techno Club, Volume 22Talla 2XLC vs. Scot Project1
2008Techno Club, Volume 27Talla 2XLC bites Ronald van Gelderen1
2008Techno Club, Volume 28Talla 2XLC in touch with Rank 11
2019Techno Club, Volume 56Talla 2XLC and Taucher1
2019Techno Club, Volume 57Talla 2XLC & James Dymond1

Album + DJ-mix

1996Tetsuo Compilation, Volume 3Talla 2XLC1


1996SpringRMB feat. Talla 2 XLC3
1996The Eternal MysteryTalla 2XLC6
1997What Time Is LoveTalla 2XLC2
1997Is Anybody Out There?Talla 2XLC1
1997TogetherTalla vs. Taucher55
1998NRGTalla meets Tom Wax1
1999Love's Comin' DownTalla 2XLC1
1999NightshiftTaucher vs. Talla 2XLC53
2000Into AnotherTalla 2XLC & MOGUAI2
2000No Signs Of Life (The Anthem)Airfire Feat Talla 2XLC1
2001World in My EyesTalla 2XLC1
2001Come With Me / AlwaysTalla 2XLC5
2003Can You Feel the SilenceTalla 2XLC1
2008Giving Up Giving InTalla 2XLC vs. Carl B feat. Katie Marne1

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