Laoise Kelly

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member of: Millennial Fair (光田康典 / Yasunori Mitsuda's project group)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
CREID Irish harp / clàrsach [celtic harp] 光田康典ミレニアル・フェア 4:41
Live From Matt Molloy’s Pub guest and harp The Chieftains 3:17
MELKABA Irish harp / clàrsach 光田康典ミレニアル・フェア 7:24
Paddy Fahey's / Garret Barry's / The Cliffs of Moher harp Tim O’Brien 5:22
神無月の人魚 Irish harp / clàrsach 光田康典ミレニアル・フェア 4:08