Aloe Blacc

~ Person



The Aloe Blacc EPAloe BlaccCD8IPO Wax (Indie hip hop label)
I'm BeautifulAloe Blacc12" Vinyl6Stones Throw RecordsSTH 2151
Shine ThroughAloe BlaccCD16Stones Throw RecordsSTH2138659457213824
Femme FataleAloe Blacc7" Vinyl2Stones Throw RecordsSTH7037659457703714
Good ThingsAloe BlaccDigital Media13Stones Throw Records602527506739
Good ThingsAloe BlaccCD13Stones Throw RecordsSTH2245886978313522
Good ThingsAloe BlaccCD13Stones Throw Records, Vertigo Berlin ("Vertigo" logo, but with LC 14513)06025275067390602527506739
Good ThingsAloe BlaccCD13Stones Throw RecordsSTH2245659457224523
I Need a DollarAloe BlaccCD2Vertigo Berlin ("Vertigo" logo, but with LC 14513)275207730602527520773
I Need a DollarAloe Blacc12" Vinyl3Vertigo Berlin ("Vertigo" logo, but with LC 14513)06025275427750602527542775
Good ThingsAloe Blacc2×12" Vinyl7 + 6Vertigo (British rock label)06025 2754544 80602527545448
Good ThingsAloe Blacc2×12" Vinyl7 + 6Stones Throw RecordsSTH2245659457224516
I Need a DollarAloe Blacc12" Vinyl4Stones Throw RecordsSTH2246659457224615
Good ThingsAloe BlaccCD13Stones Throw RecordsSTH2245
Good Things (pre-release/advance)Aloe BlaccDigital Media13Stones Throw Records
Good ThingsAloe BlaccDigital Media13Stones Throw Records659457224523
I Need a DollarAloe BlaccDigital Media4884977952100
The Sound of Swing (Oh Na Na)The Kenneth Bager Experience feat. Aloe BlaccCD2Columbia (imprint owned by CBS between 1938–1990 within US/CA/MX; owned worldwide by Sony Music Entertainment since 1991 except in JP), Sony Music (global brand, excluding JP, owned by Sony Music Entertainment; for use as release label only when no sub-label/imprint is specified)88697915732886979157323
Billie Jean Live (Cover)Aloe BlaccDigital Media1
Good ThingsAloe BlaccDigital Media16Stones Throw Records886443243644
Good Things (Deluxe CD/DVD Edition)Aloe BlaccCD16886979856929
Loving You Is Killing MeAloe BlaccCD2Vertigo Berlin ("Vertigo" logo, but with LC 14513)0602527674216
Green LightsAloe BlaccCD-R5Epic[none]
Where Does the Time Go?The Bamboos feat. Aloe BlaccDigital Media4Tru Thoughts
VidaMax Herre feat. Aloe BlaccDigital Media1
Wake Me UpAloe BlaccDigital Media1XIX Recordings[none]
Wake Me UpAloe BlaccDigital Media4XIX Recordings[none]
Wake Me UpAloe BlaccCD2Vertigo Berlin ("Vertigo" logo, but with LC 14513)06025375946650602537594665
Lift Your SpiritAloe BlaccDigital Media11Interscope Records, XIX Recordings602537588213
Lift Your SpiritAloe BlaccDigital Media11Interscope Records, XIX Recordings602537589524
Lift Your SpiritAloe BlaccCD11Vertigo Berlin ("Vertigo" logo, but with LC 14513)
Lift Your SpiritAloe BlaccCD10Interscope Records, XIX RecordingsB0020164-02602537734900
Lift Your SpiritAloe BlaccCD11Interscope Records06025375895170602537589517
Wake Me UpAloe BlaccCD4XIX Recordings0602537578818602537578818
Lift Your SpiritAloe BlaccDigital Media10Interscope Records, XIX Recordings[none]
Lift Your Spirit (deluxe edition)Aloe BlaccCD12XIX Recordings, Interscope RecordsB002016302, 602537734887
Good Things (Drip FM re-release)Aloe BlaccDigital Media13Stones Throw RecordsSTH2245[none]
The Man (Draft Day mix)Aloe BlaccDigital Media1XIX Recordings[none]
Hello WorldAloe BlaccDigital Media1XIX Recordings[none]
Lift Your Spirit (Bonus Tracks)Aloe Blacc(unknown)3Interscope Records602537761111
VergeOwl City feat. Aloe BlaccDigital Media1Republic Records (a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.)
ChristmasAloe BlaccDigital Media4
CandymanZedd & Aloe BlaccDigital Media1Interscope Records
CIRCA 2004: BLACCMATICAloe Blacc & DJ RhettmaticDigital Media11
Counting on MeAeroplane & Purple Disco Machine feat. Aloe BlaccDigital Media2Spinnin’ DeepSPDEEP377
Carry You HomeTiësto feat. StarGate & Aloe BlaccDigital Media1Musical Freedom (imprint of label set up by Dutch DJ Tiësto)[none]
Brooklyn in the SummerAloe BlaccDigital Media3Interscope Records, XIX Recordings602567665700
Brooklyn in the Summer: The RemixesAloe BlaccDigital Media6Interscope Records, XIX Recordings602567760542
Go for the GoldRudenko & Aloe BlaccDigital Media1[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)
Go for the GoldRudenko & Aloe BlaccDigital Media1Music Media Consulting[none]
Christmas FunkAloe BlaccDigital Media10
SOSAvicii feat. Aloe BlaccDigital Media1Universal Music AB (not for release label use! Swedish subsidiary of Universal Music Group)00602577647086
Hurt PeopleGryffin & Aloe BlaccDigital Media1Darkroom, Geffen Records

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