J.C. Heard

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member of:Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet
The Oscar Peterson Quartet (membranophone)
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Mop Mop
1940-06-07Laughing at Lifedrums (drum set)Billie Holiday & Lester Young2:55
1940-06-07Time on My Handsdrums (drum set)Billie Holiday & Lester Young3:04
1940-08-09Serenade to a Sleeping Beauty (New York, August 9, 1940)drums (drum set)Coleman Hawkins3:05
1941-01-08Baby, Won't You Please Come Homedrums (drum set)Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers2:34
1941-01-08Egyptian Fantasydrums (drum set)Sidney Bechet and His New Orleans Feetwarmers3:06
1941-04-07Rosettadrums (drum set)Teddy Wilson2:33
1941-04-07Rosettadrums (drum set)Teddy Wilson?:??
1945-05-11Congo Bluesdrums (drum set)Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet3:54
1945-05-11Slam Slam Bluesdrums (drum set)Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet4:28
1945-06-06Congo Bluesdrums (drum set)Charlie Parker3:55
1945-06-06Slam Slam Bluesdrums (drum set)Charlie Parker4:30
1945-07-17I Surrender, Deardrums (drum set)Buck Clayton, Keg Johnson, Ike Quebec, Roger “Ram” Ramirez, Tiny Grimes,Grachan Moncur, J.C. Heard?:??
1945-08-07Girl of My Dreamsdrums (drum set)Ben Webster, Illinois Jacquet, Ike Quebec?:??
1945-08-07I.Q. Bluesdrums (drum set)Ben Webster, Illinois Jacquet, Ike Quebec?:??
1945-08-07Jim Dawgsdrums (drum set)Ben Webster, Illinois Jacquet, Ike Quebec?:??
1945-08-07Scufflin'drums (drum set)Ben Webster, Illinois Jacquet, Ike Quebec?:??
1945-09-0420th Century Bluesdrums (drum set)Sir Charles Thompson & His All Stars2:58
1945-09-0420th Century Bluesdrums (drum set)Charlie Parker2:55
1945-09-04If I Had Youdrums (drum set)Charlie Parker3:03
1945-09-04If I Had Youdrums (drum set)Sir Charles Thompson & His All Stars3:05
1945-09-04Takin' Offdrums (drum set)Charlie Parker3:12
1945-09-04Takin' Offdrums (drum set)Sir Charles Thompson & His All Stars3:11
1945-09-04The Street Beatdrums (drum set)Sir Charles Thompson & His All Stars2:37
1945-09-04The Street Beatdrums (drum set)Charlie Parker2:35
1945-09-06Dark EyesmembranophoneDon Byas3:03
1945-09-06Lauradrums (drum set)Don Byas Quartet2:50
1945-09-06Slam, Don't Shake Like ThatmembranophoneDon Byas3:01
1945-09-06StardustmembranophoneDon Byas3:01
1945-10-03My Melancholy Babydrums (drum set)Don Byas3:03
1945-12-31Virgo From the Zodiac Suitedrums (drum set)Mary Lou Williams3:29
1945Sophisticated Ladydrums (drum set)Johnny Guarnieri Quartet3:03
1946-01-26Mr. Clarinet Knocks TwicemembranophonePete Johnson2:56
1946-01-26Mr. Drum Meets Mr. PianomembranophonePete Johnson2:58
1946-01-26Mutiny in the DoghousemembranophonePete Johnson2:47
1946-01-26Pete's Lonesome BluesmembranophonePete Johnson2:54
1946-01-31Ben Rides OutmembranophonePete Johnson2:58
1946-01-31J.C. From K.C.membranophonePete Johnson3:03
1946-01-31Page Mr. TrumpetmembranophonePete Johnson3:05
1946-01-31Pete's HousewarmingmembranophonePete Johnson3:05
1946-02-2252nd Street Themedrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie3:05
1946-02-2252nd Street Themedrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie3:13
1946-02-22A Night in Tunisiadrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie3:05
1946-02-22Anthropologydrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie2:38
1946-02-22Anthropologydrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie2:55
1946-02-22Ol Man Rebopdrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra2:42
1947-11-29Central Avenue DragmembranophonePete Johnson2:49
1947-11-29Hollywood BoogiemembranophonePete Johnson2:49
1947-11-29Hollywood Boogie (alternate 1)membranophonePete Johnson2:56
1947-11-29Hollywood Boogie (alternate 2)membranophonePete Johnson2:55
1947-11-29Hollywood Boogie (alternate 3)membranophonePete Johnson2:50
1947-11-29Swanee RivermembranophonePete Johnson2:50
1947-11-29Yancy Street BoogiemembranophonePete Johnson2:43
1951-01-18All of Medrums (drum set)Illinois Jacquet?:??
1951-01-18Pasteldrums (drum set)Illinois Jacquet?:??
1951-01-18Speedlinerdrums (drum set)Illinois Jacquet?:??
1952-06Cherrydrums (drum set)Flip Phillips2:27
1952-06Empty Ballroom Bluesdrums (drum set)Flip Phillips2:33
1952-06Love Is Just Around the Cornerdrums (drum set)Flip Phillips2:52
1952-06San Francisco Bluesdrums (drum set)Flip Phillips2:49
1952-07Ballad Medleydrums (drum set)Charlie Parker17:25
1952-07Ballad Medley (All the Things You Are / Dearly Beloved / The Nearness of You)drums (drum set)Charlie Parker17:26
1952-07Funky Bluesdrums (drum set)Charlie Parker13:28
1952-07Funky Bluesdrums (drum set)Charlie Parker, Ben Webster, Benny Carter, Johnny Hodges & Flip Philipp13:29
1952-07Jam Bluesdrums (drum set)Charlie Parker, Ben Webster, Benny Carter, Johnny Hodges & Flip Philipp14:41
1952-07Jam Bluesdrums (drum set)Charlie Parker14:45
1952-07What Is This Thing Called Lovedrums (drum set)Charlie Parker, Ben Webster, Benny Carter, Johnny Hodges & Flip Philipp15:52
1952-07What Is This Thing Called Love?drums (drum set)Charlie Parker15:54
1952-12-04I Get a Kick Out of Youdrums (drum set)Benny Carter2:55
1952-12-04Imaginationdrums (drum set)Benny Carter3:33
1952-12-04Pick Yourself Updrums (drum set)Benny Carter2:34
1952-12-04Street Scenedrums (drum set)Benny Carter3:21
1952-12-13Little Jazzdrums (drum set)Oscar Peterson Quartet2:38
1952-12-13Rockin' Chairdrums (drum set)Oscar Peterson Quartet3:15
1952-12-13Roy's Riffdrums (drum set)Oscar Peterson Quartet3:10
1952-12-13Wrap Your Troubles in Dreamsdrums (drum set)Oscar Peterson Quartet3:22
1952Ad Lib BluesmembranophoneLester Young with The Oscar Peterson Trio?:??
1952Almost Like Being in LovemembranophoneLester Young with The Oscar Peterson Trio?:??
1952I Can't Get StartedmembranophoneLester Young with The Oscar Peterson Trio?:??
1952Just You, Just MemembranophoneLester Young with The Oscar Peterson Trio?:??
1953-12-08Don't Get Around Much Anymoredrums (drum set)Ben Webster3:09
1953-12-08Jive at Sixdrums (drum set)Ben Webster4:15
1953-12-08Pennies from Heavendrums (drum set)Ben Webster2:51
1953-12-08Tenderlydrums (drum set)Ben Webster3:05
1953-12-08That's Alldrums (drum set)Ben Webster3:50
1953-12-08That's All (single version)membranophoneBen Webster2:55
1957-04-17It's Only a Paper Moondrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie & Stuff Smith8:30
1957-04-17Oh, Lady Be Good!drums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie & Stuff Smith4:11
1957-04-17Purple Soundsdrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie & Stuff Smith10:11
1957-04-17Rio Pakistandrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie & Stuff Smith11:33
1957-04-17Russian Lullabydrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie & Stuff Smith7:59
1957-06-26Ballad Medley: I'm Thru With Love/ Without A Word Of Warning/ Sweet Lorraine/ Love Walked In/ September Songdrums (drum set)Stan Getz, Paul Gonsalves, Dizzy Gillespie, Wynton Kelly, Coleman Hawkins10:55
1957-06-26Ballad Medley: On The Alamo/ Stompin' At The Savoy/ This Time The Dream'S On Me/ Time After Time/ Gone With The Winddrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie, Coleman Hawkins, Wynton Kelly, Stan Getz, Paul Gonsalves12:22
1957-06-26Dizzy Atmospheredrums (drum set)Paul Gonsalves, Dizzy Gillespie, Coleman Hawkins, Stan Getz10:51
1957-06-26The Way You Look Tonightdrums (drum set)Coleman Hawkins, Paul Gonsalves, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie13:44
1958-07-13Indianadrums (drum set)Jazz Festival Du Cannes "Tenor Conclave"7:58
1960-11-30Black VelvetmembranophoneArnett Cobb5:22
1960-11-30Blue SermonmembranophoneArnett Cobb7:43
1960-11-30Georgia on My MindmembranophoneArnett Cobb6:02
1960-11-30Sizzlin'membranophoneArnett Cobb7:34
1960-11-30Sweet Georgia BrownmembranophoneArnett Cobb5:06
1960-11-30The Way You Look TonightmembranophoneArnett Cobb6:55
1961-01-26Answer Me, My LovemembranophoneGene Ammons4:40
1961-01-26I Remember YoumembranophoneGene Ammons4:24
1961-01-26Little Girl BluemembranophoneGene Ammons4:58
1961-01-26Someone to Watch Over MemembranophoneGene Ammons3:52
1961-01-26Something I Dreamed Last NightmembranophoneGene Ammons7:45
1961-01-26Something WonderfulmembranophoneGene Ammons3:07
1961-01-26Till There Was YoumembranophoneGene Ammons7:12
1961-01-26Willow Weep for MemembranophoneGene Ammons4:04
1961-01-27Easy to LovemembranophoneGene Ammons4:18
1961-01-27Exactly Like YoumembranophoneGene Ammons6:01
1961-01-27Let It Be YoumembranophoneGene Ammons3:51
1961-01-27Miss LucymembranophoneGene Ammons3:45
1961-01-27Namely YoumembranophoneGene Ammons4:48
1961-01-27Ol' Man RivermembranophoneGene Ammons5:14
1961-01-27Seed ShackmembranophoneGene Ammons5:42
1961-01-27TangerinemembranophoneGene Ammons3:36
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09Easy to Lovedrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo2:53
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09Georgia on My Minddrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo3:59
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09Ghost of a Chancedrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo2:16
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09I Let a Song Go Out of My Heartdrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo2:45
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09I'm Confessin' That I Love Youdrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo2:17
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09Lover Come Back to Medrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo2:33
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09My Last Affairdrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo3:01
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09Please Be Kinddrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo4:06
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09Rockin' Chairdrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo2:13
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09Seems Like Old Timesdrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo1:46
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09Someday Sweetheartdrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo2:51
1964-12-08 – 1964-12-09There'll Be Some Changes Madedrums (drum set)Mavis Rivers & Red Norvo3:37
1977-07-11A Familiar SongmembranophoneAl Grey, Arnett Cobb3:46
1977-07-11Ain't That Funk for YoumembranophoneAl Grey, Arnett Cobb6:09
1977-07-11Blues AbruptmembranophoneAl Grey, Arnett Cobb6:16
1977-07-11Blues AbruptmembranophoneAl Grey, Arnett Cobb6:09
1977-07-11Get It Going for Black and BluemembranophoneAl Grey, Arnett Cobb5:37
1977-07-11I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)membranophoneAl Grey, Arnett Cobb5:09
1977-07-11On the TrailmembranophoneAl Grey, Arnett Cobb4:27
1977-07-11On the TrailmembranophoneAl Grey, Arnett Cobb5:14
1977-07-11Saint Louis BluesmembranophoneAl Grey, Arnett Cobb3:48
Ain't Misbehavin' (alternate take)membranophoneSarah Vaughan3:02
Ain’t Misbehavin’drums (drum set)Sarah Vaughan with George Treadwell & His All Stars3:02
Backwater BluesmembranophoneJosh White2:48
Can't Get Out of This Mood (alternate take)membranophoneSarah Vaughan2:52
Can’t Get Out of This MoodmembranophoneSarah Vaughan2:51
Come Rain or Come ShinemembranophoneSarah Vaughan3:26
Come Rain or Come Shine (alternate take)membranophoneSarah Vaughan3:35
Congo Bluesdrums (drum set)J.C. Heard (Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet)?:??
CottontailmembranophoneDuke Ellington & His Orchestra3:22
East of the Sun (West of the Moon)membranophoneSarah Vaughan3:09
East of the Sun (West of the Moon) (alternate take)membranophoneSarah Vaughan3:09
Evil Hearted ManmembranophoneJosh White3:01
First Take And BluemembranophoneLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown4:10
First Take And BluemembranophoneLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown4:16
Frankie and JohnniemembranophoneJosh White2:55
Goodnight My LovemembranophoneSarah Vaughan3:29
Goodnight My Love (alternate take)membranophoneSarah Vaughan3:47
Heat WavemembranophoneLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown4:58
I May Be Wrongdrums (drum set)J.C. Heard4:00
If I Had Youdrums (drum set)Jonah Jones, Tyree Glenn, Ike Quebec, Roger Ram Ramirez, Tiny Grimes, Oscar Pettiford, J.C. Heard?:??
It Might as Well Be SpringmembranophoneSarah Vaughan3:13
It Might as Well Be Spring (alternate take)membranophoneSarah Vaughan3:28
It's MeanmembranophoneLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown5:59
It's MeanmembranophoneLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown5:57
Jelly JellymembranophoneJosh White3:19
John HenrymembranophoneJosh White3:08
Long Way HomemembranophoneLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown5:18
LovercallmembranophoneLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown4:24
Mean to MemembranophoneSarah Vaughan2:55
Mean to Me (alternate take)membranophoneSarah Vaughan2:51
Nice Work If You Can Get ItmembranophoneSarah Vaughan2:37
Oh, Lady Be Gooddrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie & The Gordons4:14
One Level Below Plant LivemembranophoneLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown3:19
She's Funny That Way, Blue Harlemdrums (drum set)Ike Quebec, Roger Ram Ramirez, Tiny Grimes, Milt Hinton, J.C. Heard?:??
Slow Train No.1membranophoneLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown3:51
Slow Train Through ParismembranophoneLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown4:24
SomedaymembranophoneLloyd Glenn, Clarence Brown5:17
Wham (Re-Bop-Boom-Bam)drums (drum set)J.C. Heard (Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra)?:??