Name ISRCs Rating Length
2000 Zero Zero ?:??
Another Day in Paradise 3:02
Another Day In Paradise 3:06
Balloon to the Moon 5:15
Balloon to the Moon 5:33
Because Blond Wore Red 5:26
Box That Shut Up 4:33
Boys, Wha Choo Doin'? 5:41
Bring Back The Sun 5:52
Cause Everyboby's Coming Undone 4:02
Chick Packin' Stack Back 5:51
Dick 'Em Down Jones 4:49
Filtered Through Monk's Beard 5:14
Filtered Through Monk's Beard 4:55
It's A Wonderful Life 4:23
It's a Wonderful Life (Turntable Rocker Remix) 5:29
Jeep Caught Smoking Jesus 1:00
Joe Dropped the Swing 5:50
Joe Dropped the Swing 5:42
Jump, Jive and Wail 6:46
La Femme c'est mysterie 4:44
La Femme C'est Mysterie 5:26
La Femme C'est Mysterie 4:39
La Femme C'est Mysterie 4:47
Our Man in Stockholm 6:15
Our Man in Stockholm (E-Z Rollers remix) 5:29
Our Man in Stockholm (U-Star remix) ?:??
Private Leftfield Downtempo Fuzz 7:37
Private Leftfield Downtempo Fuzz (Ultrafuzz mix) ?:??
Snakin' Down Crooked I 6:20
The New Jazz Science 6:27
The New Jazz Science 4:20
The Sixty Nine Affair 4:01
The Sixty-Nine Affair 5:51
The Sixty-Nine Affair (Dynagroove's Affirmation Remix) 8:46
To Osaka By Rail 6:31
To Trap a Spy 2:59
To Trap a Spy 6:04
Twin Blue Angel Buzz 4:23
Twin Blue Angel Buzz (original radio mix) 5:11
Walk Between the Raindrops 6:09
Wendy Lost in Velvet 6:06
Wendy Lost in Velvet (Dr Shrinker's Avant mix) 6:42
Wonderful Life (Turntablerocker remix) 5:27

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