Paroxysmal Butchering (death metal)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Acephalic Rape and Disembowelment 1:47
Anally Siphoned Innards 1:24
Anally Siphoned Innards 1:27
Axiom of Suffering 2:28
Cadaveric Disgorgement 2:03
Chemically Castrated 2:03
Chemically Castrated 2:06
Cocooned in Entrails 2:10
Ingurgitating Putrescence 3:18
Macrocosmic Eradication 2:31
Retching on Virulent Rectal Exudation 3:15
Scourge of Malevolence 2:04
Shitstorm of Perversity 2:40
Turnoffs Include Consent 2:58

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