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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Cry Me a River MyParasites ?:??
Disease on the Dancefloor MyParasites 3:22
Disease on the Dancefloor (Cystem Cex remix) MyParasites 4:49
Disease on the Dancefloor (Helltrash remix) MyParasites 3:18
Disease on the Dancefloor (It burns down there - Flammpunkt remix) MyParasites 3:45
Disease on the Dancefloor (Needlz remix) MyParasites 3:04
Disease on the Dancefloor (Souless Affection remix) MyParasites 3:32
Emotional Starvation (album version) MyParasites 5:42
Emotional Starvation (Earlier EP version) MyParasites 5:01
Everytime We Fuckk MyParasites 3:06
Fragile Hearts (album version) MyParasites 5:22
Fragile Hearts (Earlier EP version) MyParasites 5:09
Fragile Hearts (Asylum Black remix) MyParasites 5:11
Fragile Hearts (Psyclon Nine remix) MyParasites 5:27
Give Me a Reason MyParasites 2:45
Hypnosis MyParasites 3:19
Hypnosis ([product] remix) MyParasites 4:51
Hypnosis (Cynical Existence remix) MyParasites 3:22
Hypnosis (Hynotized remix by Audio Scar) MyParasites 3:06
Hypnosis (SML8 Psychosis remix) MyParasites 4:33
Manipulator MyParasites 3:53
Manipulator (Corroded Master remix) MyParasites 4:05
Manipulator (Dracos mix) MyParasites 3:52
Manipulator (GodBoy666 Urban Music mix) MyParasites 3:47
Manipulator (In My Blood remix by Pink Industrial Whores) MyParasites 3:23
Manipulator (Lucidstatic mix) My Parasites 4:12
Manipulator (remix by AimOniA) MyParasites 6:00
Manipulator (remix by Death of the Lotek) MyParasites 5:25
Manipulator (remix by Klockwork Konstrukt) MyParasites 5:38
Manipulator (remix by Noizezzor) MyParasites 6:10
Manipulator (remix by Vhelena Projekt) MyParasites 5:11
Manipulator (Shyft mix) MyParasites 5:17
Manipulator (Standard Issue Citizen remix) MyParasites 3:22
Metal Veins MyParasites 4:42
Nightmare MyParasites 5:14
Nightmare MyParasites 5:28
Now Function MyParasites 3:58
ParaLies MyParasites 3:53
ParaLies (Caustic remix) MyParasites 3:41
ParaLies (Machines on Blast remix) MyParasites 6:07
ParaLies (Rodney Anonymixxx) MyParasites 4:12
ParaNoid MyParasites 3:06
ParaNoid (Chitin AIDS mix) MyParasites 3:06
ParaNoid (Finite Automata remix) MyParasites 4:42
ParaNoid (Virus Filter remix) MyParasites 5:04
ParaNoize (older version of ParaNoid) MyParasites 2:04
Quarantine MyParasites 3:39
Symbiotik MyParasites 5:07
Violence MyParasites 2:59
We Are the Youth Gone Wild MyParasites 2:55

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