Andra Sparks

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Andra Sparks is a jazz singer and teacher based in the UK. Irish-born (Coleraine), and classically-trained, she has gone on to develop one of the most natural and intelligent jazz voices you are likely to hear.
She has made two fine recordings for Verge - People We Once Knew and Your Time. Each features the trio of Nick Weldon, Jeff Clyne and Trevor Tomkins, together with saxophones (and clarinet) from Iain Dixon (People We Once Knew) and Russell van den Berg (Your Time).
Andra has a special interest in, and talent for, the interpretation of song, as evidenced in these albums, and as well as her continuing work with her Quintet (now featuring saxophonist Art Themen), she is involved in Strumpluck Warbletwang -a project exploring song through the centuries, and in many styles. Her partners in this are Nick Weldon (double bass) and Dominic Ashworth (guitar).
Andra also teaches and runs workshops from her home in a shoefactory in Northamptonshire.

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