Decaying Purity (Turkish brutal death metal)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Ancestry of the Forsaken 4:03
Ancestry of the Forsaken ?:??
Atrocious Execution 3:20
Capture the Sanctimonious Souls 2:56
Causing Mass Carnage 2:27
Conquer, Dethrone and Slay 3:30
Create the Torso with a Hatchet 3:50
Create the Torso With a Hatchet 3:56
Declaration of the Endless Wrath 2:58
Defilement of the Deranged 3:36
Disfigurement of the Pure Cranium 3:41
Dreadfully Gutted 3:05
Drowning by Sense of Perversion 3:08
Everlasting Hell in Sanctity 4:21
Exhume, Baptise and Bury 3:02
Gates of Endless Suffering ?:??
Hemorrhoids Throat 4:08
Inception of Domination 1:03
Increasing Deformations 2:45
Infernal Restraints Over Purgatory 4:05
Intro 0:58
Martial Voices From Nothingness 4:06
Mass Decapitation 1:33
Ominous Skies Over the Blessed Ones 4:21
Phases of Dimensional Torture 4:11
Punish the Deceptive Severely 2:57
Purify the Disembodied 4:38
Sodomized Entities of Holiness 3:04
The Forsaken Tomb of the Impious 2:56
The River of Entrails ?:??
The River of Entrails 3:42
They Were Raped in Quarantine 3:29
Unearthly Creation From the Depths 4:06
Unstoppable Rage ?:??
Unstoppable Rage 4:27

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