Cargo (Danish dance band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
BooYaah Cargo 3:46
Can't Help Falling in Love Cargo 4:46
Cargo (The Horn) Cargo ?:??
Cargo (The Horn) Cargo 3:33
Cargo (The Horn) Cargo 3:32
Cargo (The Horn) Cargo 3:33
Cargo (The Horn) Cargo 6:27
Cargo (The Horn) (part of a “Mixer 3” DJ‐mix) Cargo 5:41
Cargo (The Horn) (Killer’s dub cut) Cargo 5:27
DJ Style Cargo 4:00
Drugstar Cargo 5:13
Get Back to Serenity (J. Bar mix) Cargo 4:41
I Have a Dream Cargo 3:36
I Want Your Love Cargo 3:21
I Want Your Luv Cargo 3:20
I Want Your Luv Cargo 3:20
I’ll Show You Cargo 3:44
If U Like 2 Party Cargo 6:54
Interlude I Cargo 0:04
Interlude II Cargo 0:05
Intro Cargo 0:37
Intro Cargo 0:57
It's Time 2 Come Cargo 3:50
King of da Hill Cargo 3:13
La La (Legal Alien) Cargo 3:27
La La (Legal Alien) (Killer radio mix) Cargo 3:31
La La (Legal Alien) (Killer’s Epic mix) Cargo 7:26
Let's Get Brutal Cargo 3:53
Loaded With Power Cargo 5:29
Loaded With Power Cargo 3:25
Loaded With Power Cargo 3:27
Loaded With Power (a cappella) / Loaded With X (Skitz airplay mix) Cargo / X-Man 3 4:26
Loaded With Power (Alter-Native mix) Cargo 6:37
Loaded With Power (Kaydee’s Dream mix) Cargo 7:11
Loaded With Power (radio edit) Cargo 4:57
Megamix 2000 Cargo 7:10
Outro Cargo 0:48
Porn Star (Acoustic Sample Deep Throat remix) Cargo 5:50
Porn Star (album mix) Cargo 5:13
Porn Star (clean radio mix) Cargo 3:32
Porn Star (clean radio mix) Cargo 3:31
Porn Star (Skin Tonic remix) Cargo 6:19
Porn*Star Cargo 5:09
Pornstar Cargo 3:30
Pornstar Cargo 3:32
Pornstar (acoustic Sample Deep Throat remix) Cargo 5:51
Pornstar (Skin Tonic remix) Cargo 6:21
Red Alert Cargo 4:28
Rok da Klubb Cargo 6:58
Saved by the Bell Cargo 4:36
Scream Cargo 4:52
Sex Appeal Cargo 4:14
Sex Appeal Cargo 4:15
Space Trucking Cargo 4:17
Spacetrucking Cargo 3:50
Spacetrucking (Bring the Noise) (DJ NME’s Niteclub mix) Cargo 7:13
Summer Madness Cargo 4:07
Supafunk Cargo 7:45
Surrender Cargo 4:07
Surrender (DJ NME's clubmix Inst) Cargo 5:48
Surrender (DJ NME's clubmix) Cargo 5:51
Surrender (DJ NME's radio cut) Cargo 4:27
Surrender (DJ NME's radio cut) Cargo 4:28
Surrender (Killer's Epic mix) Cargo 5:04
Surrender (Killer's radio mix) Cargo 3:36
The Horn Cargo 3:32
The Shadow Cargo 3:46
The Twister Cargo 3:45
Twister Intro Cargo 0:39
Waw Waw Cargo 2:29
What Is the Matter in Paradise? Cargo 4:48

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