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Name ISRCs Rating Length
[untitled] 0:31
3 Laws (Abolished) 2:31
A.R.T.H.U.R. (Adolescent Response Tactical Hardware Utility Robot) Electric 2:53
A.R.T.H.U.R. Electric 2:50
All Robots (Report to the dance Floor) 4:52
Bad Birthday 2:06
Batteries Included (Pseudo-live Automation Sync at Q-ZAR) 2:45
Christmas Day of the Robot 2:54
Deep Blue, Congratulations 2:25
Electric Avenue 3:50
Embryo Electro 2:06
Erotomatica 2:09
Euro-Driver Mechano 3:40
Finest Work Song 3:44
Gammatron 2:39
Genetic Engineering 2:45
I Am Not A (Voice Activated Child Identicon) 2:41
I Am Not a Voice Activated Child Identicon (Pseudo-live Automation Sync at Q-Z) 3:07
I Sing! the Body Cybernetic 3:07
I Sing! The Body Cybernetic 3:02
Image Created 2:48
Indeterminate Reconstruction 2:42
Join the Evolution 2:49
Matrix of Perfection 3:02
Mechanisms in the Forever Loop 2:19
Moving Parts 2:19
Moving Parts (Master Control Internal Hive mix) 2:55
People Mover 2:32
People Mover (Hartsfield Central Routing Electro-mix) 3:06
People Mover (Maximum Velocity Wedway mix) 2:40
Pet Machine 1:55
Pet Machine 1:52
Phonetic Lecture 3:09
Pull the Plug 2:26
Red Robot Refund (The Ballad of R5-D4) 2:21
Red Robot Refund (The Ballad of R5-D4) 2:10
Rocket Dog 4:02
S.R.A. 1:20
Serve, Obey, Guard Men From Harm 2:00
Speak + Spell 1:51
The Death of Magnus 2:36
The Human Virus 3:27
The Image Created 2:49
The Image Created 2:42
The Power of Electricity 2:51
Theme for an Ultimate and Inevitable Victory 1:46
To Be Listed (Speech Pattern Cancellation mix) 2:43
Tri-Star Wheel Groove 3:16
User Error 2:58

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