2006The Beloved MusicPaul Flaherty & Chris Corsano1


1982Trinity SymphonyPaul Flaherty, Froc Filipetti, Bill Walach1
1990ImpactPaul Flaherty / Randall Colbourne / Stephen Scholz1
1991Primal BurnFlaherty, Colbourne, Downs1
1992The Fourth WayPaul Flaherty, Randall Colbourne, Stephen G. Scholz, Richard Downs1
1993CydoniaPaul Flaherty, Randall Colbourne, Stephen Scholz, Mike Murray1
1996Third RailPaul Flaherty, Randall Colbourne, Richard Downs1
2000The Hated MusicPaul Flaherty & Chris Corsano1
2003VoicesPaul Flaherty1
2005Last EyesFlaherty · Corsano1
2005The Dim BulbSteve Baczkowski / Chris Corsano / Paul Flaherty1
2006A Rock in the SnowFlaherty · Corsano · Yeh1
2006Full BottleFlaherty · Corsano1
2006Whirl of NothingnessPaul Flaherty1
2008UntitledPaul Flaherty / Thurston Moore / Bill Nace1
2009New York Nuts & Boston BeansC. Spencer Yeh and Paul Flaherty w/ Greg Kelley1
2011Cosmic HallwaysPaul Flaherty / John Moloney / Gene Moore / Gene Janas / Jeff Shurdut2
2013Dragonfly BreathPaul Flaherty, Steve Swell, C. Spencer Yeh, Weasel Walter1
2014Low Cost Space FlightsPaul Flaherty / Chris Corsano2
2016Alleged CrimesPaul Flaherty & Randall Colbourne1
2016Star-Spangled VoltageMette Rasmussen, Paul Flaherty, Chris Corsano1
2017The Dull BladeSteve Baczkowski / Chris Corsano / Paul Flaherty1
2022As Far as DeathPaul Flaherty & Zach Rowden1

Album + Live

2003Live at TonicWally Shoup / Paul Flaherty / Thurston Moore / Chris Corsano1
2007Unmuzzled OxSunburned Hand of the Man with Paul Flaherty2
2019Live at Willimantic RecordsLao Dan with Paul Flaherty, Randall Colbourne, Damon Smith1

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