Daddy V (OG Daddy V, west coast rapper)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
So Fly Daddy V feat. Aelpéacha, Pimp Cynic & Le Chenil 6:01
Sodem' Ruff Daddy V & Samantha Latino 4:22
Somethin About My Hood Daddy V ?:??
Somethin' About My Hood DMG & Daddy V 4:11
Somethin' About My Hood (Remix) DMG & Daddy V 4:27
Still Underground OG Daddy V 3:52
Still Underground (Remix) OG Daddy V 3:50
Take Our Losses Snoop Dogg feat. Daddy V, Pinky & E-White 3:44
Thats Gangsta Daddy V feat. The Dove Shack 4:21
Thats My Homeboy Daddy V feat. OG Cuicide & Boss Hogg 3:34
Thats My N*gga Tha Chill feat. Parc Boe & OG Daddy V 4:42
The Ching Daddy V 4:32
The Compton OG Daddy V 2:48
The Phone Call Daddy V 0:37
These Muthafuckaz RBX feat. Daddy V & Snoop Dogg ?:??
They Know Foesum feat. MC Eiht & Daddy V 4:32
This Is Compton Compton Le French Californien feat. OG Daddy V 3:39
This Is Why We Do DMG & Daddy V 4:38
Throw It Up Daddy V feat. Big2DaBoy, Squeak Ru & Cisco 4:15
Throw Up The Dub Daddy V feat. Bad Azz & BlaKKazz K.K. 4:04
Throw Yoe Set Up High Daddy V feat. Baron G & D'Oz 3:39
Tout le monde Daddy V feat. Aelpéacha & MSJ 4:03
Très chaud J'L'Tismé feat. Tony Merso & OG Daddy V 3:30
Twistin On Some Thangz Daddy V feat. MC Eiht & Tha Chill 3:40
Wake Up Daddy V feat. RBX, Tha Chill, Dresta & Att Will 3:36
Wanna Beez Daddy V 2:18
Welcome To Compton Daddy V 1:20
Welcome To The West Daddy V 4:37
Welcome To The Westcoast OG Daddy V 3:40
Westcoast Music Daddy V 3:54
Westside Niggaz Daddy V ?:??
What Cha Know OG Daddy V 3:48
What Would You Do Daddy V feat. Bad Azz & Lil’ 1/2 Dead 3:47
What's Wrong With Just Hustlin? Daddy V 3:33
When You Come to France Daddy V feat. Taro O.G 4:37
Where I Come From OG Daddy V 4:02
Whimps on tha Trac Tha Chill feat. OG Daddy V 4:36
Yeah Yeah Yeah Daddy V 3:17
You Just Got Bow Down OG Daddy V 4:26
Youz A Hatta Daddy V 5:23

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