Daddy V (OG Daddy V, west coast rapper)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
"G" Thang DMG & Daddy V 4:16
Ain't No Haters Allowed Daddy V feat. Quictamac, C-Knight & Doc C 3:08
Ain't Nobody Daddy V feat. RBX & Hobo 3:08
Always Daddy V feat. Doc C 3:34
Always Stay On Yoe Toes Daddy V feat. Big2DaBoy & RBX 4:00
Balla Daddy V 3:51
Ballin' Dogg Master feat. Daddy V 6:04
Bangin In The Back Daddy V 4:05
Bomb Cavy Daddy V ?:??
Boss Up Daddy V feat. Bad Azz & Big Mike 3:31
Bumipin And Smokin Somethin Daddy V feat. Mixmaster Spade 3:32
Call Me Up OG Daddy V 3:49
Chronic Prelude DMG & Daddy V 0:57
City Of Sets K9 feat. Daddy V & RBX 3:37
Come Dippin' With Me Daddy V feat. Bo Roc 3:51
Come to Paris Daddy V feat. Aelpéacha 5:53
Compton & Longbeach Daddy V feat. Lil’ 1/2 Dead, Tha Chill, Tripp Loc & CPO-Boss Hog 5:15
Compton & Longbeach Gittin' Down Daddy V feat. K9 & Lil Bam 3:51
Compton Blvd. Daddy V 3:47
Compton Gangsta Niggaz OG Daddy V 3:13
Compton Nigga Daddy V 1:38
Compton's Finest Mix Master Spade, Toddy Tee & Daddy V 4:14
Cool, I'm Wit It Daddy V feat. RBX, OG Cuicide & Caviar 3:05
Crackin In Compton Daddy V feat. Big Rocc & OG Cuicide 3:52
Daddy V From The C.P.T Daddy V 3:12
Daddy V Intro Daddy V ?:??
Datz Who OG Daddy V 3:57
Dippin in My Low Low Daddy V feat. Le Chenil 3:35
Do Or Die Daddy V feat. Delux 3:34
Driftin' On A Memory DMG & Daddy V 6:09
Dump RBX feat. Big Rose, Daddy V & Tha Chill ?:??
Every Time You See V Daddy V ?:??
Everyday OG Daddy V 3:50
Everywhere I Go Daddy V feat. RBX, Tha Chill & Kokane 3:11
Follow Me Daddy V ?:??
French Connect Daddy V feat. RBX 2:54
From France 2 Cali Ghost Dest & Rabzooz feat. OG Daddy V & Paula Bright 4:15
Fucced Up RBX feat. Snoop Dogg & Daddy V ?:??
G-Love Daddy V 4:44
G-Stuff Daddy V 3:34
Gangsta Party Daddy V 4:05
Gangsta Shit Daddy V ?:??
Gangsta Zone Daddy V ?:??
Gangsta'd Up Daddy V feat. J-Man ?:??
Get Money RBX feat. Big2DaBoy & OG Daddy V 4:01
GFL Aelpéacha feat. Taro O.G & Daddy V 4:13
Git Cha Bang On Daddy V feat. WC & Tha Chill 3:27
Git Down Daddy V 4:16
Gotta Keep It Gangsta OG Daddy V 4:17
Guns DMG & Daddy V 4:20
I Got What You Want OG Daddy V 3:40
I Need Some Papers DMG & Daddy V 4:43
I'm A Hustla Daddy V 4:33
If Daddy V ?:??
If You Got Bomb OG Daddy V 4:31
In Amsterdam Daddy V 3:45
In My Hood Daddy V ?:??
Independant Hustler DJ Ak & OG Daddy V 4:16
Independant Music Daddy V feat. J'L'Tismé 4:07
Independante Music (Original Beat) J'L'Tismé, OG Daddy V & DJ Ozzir 4:06
Interlude 2 MC Eiht & OG Daddy V 0:51
Intro RBX feat. Daddy V ?:??
Intro DMG & Daddy V 0:30
Intro Daddy V 0:08
Intro Daddy V 0:08
Intro Daddy V 1:29
Intro OG Daddy V 0:08
It's Just A Ghetto Thang DMG & Daddy V 5:07
It's Longbeach & Compton Daddy V feat. MC Eiht & Goldie Loc 3:19
It's on Tonight Daddy V feat. Kokane 4:02
It's On Tonight (Remix) OG Daddy V & Kokane 4:10
It's Summertime OG Daddy V 3:11
Its The D.O.G Daddy V feat. Snoop Dogg 3:53
Just Bouncin OG Daddy V 3:53
Just Can't Fuck With Us Daddy V feat. Bad Azz & OG Cuicide 3:56
Keep It True Daddy V 1:47
L.A. to France Daddy V feat. K9, PeeWee & KD 3:59
LA French Connect Daddy V feat. Bad Azz, MC Eiht & Big2DaBoy 4:06
Lève-toi Daddy V 5:04
Livin' In The Ghetto DMG & Daddy V 4:39
Low Ridaz Anthem Daddy V 1:29
Menace II Society J'L'Tismé feat. OG Daddy V & Espe 4:13
My Home Daddy V feat. Baron G, K-West & Dex 3:25
My Nine Daddy V feat. Squeak Ru 4:37
Neva Give Up Daddy V 3:55
None Of Them Daddy V 1:42
Not Given Ah Fucc Daddy V feat. Jayo Felony, Tha Chill, Att Will, Jaboe & Buda Boo 5:00
OG Daddy V (Phone Skit) OG Daddy V 0:17
Og Daddy V Interlude OG Daddy V 1:56
On My Way Enois Scroggins feat. OG Daddy V & Big Prodeje 4:05
Own Lane Daddy V 3:22
Pass That 40 Daddy V feat. DMG & Mix Master Spade 4:26
Puttin It On The Map Daddy V feat. The Dove Shack ?:??
Ride For My Homies Daddy V feat. Foesum 4:04
Ridin' High Daddy V 3:12
Sincére J'L'Tismé & Rabzooz feat. Enois Scroggins & OG Daddy V 3:23
Smoke 1 Wit Me Daddy V feat. Kurupt & Snoop Dogg 4:45
Smokin All Day Dollah D feat. OG Daddy V 3:22
Smokin Weed Gittin Drunk OG Daddy V 3:50
Smokin' Kush Daddy V 3:00

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