Futureshock (UK techno duo Alex Tepper & Phil Dockerty)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Activate Futureshock ?:??
Another Hit Futureshock 4:50
Birdcage Futureshock 5:14
Fifty One Futureshock 3:16
Frequency Futureshock 5:01
Frequency Futureshock ?:??
Frequency (Original Mix) Futureshock 7:19
Frequency (Phil Kieran Mix) Futureshock 7:32
Kato's Revenge Futureshock 4:35
Late at Night Futureshock 4:45
Late at Night Futureshock 4:43
Late at Night Futureshock 1:47
Late at Night (part of a “MoS: Clubbers Guide to 2004” (AU) DJ‐mix) Futureshock 3:04
Late at Night (original mix) Futureshock 4:35
Late at Night (original version) Futureshock 3:32
Late at Night (Switch remix) Futureshock 3:14
Late at Night (Tomcraft remix) Futureshock 6:22
Late at Night (Tomcraft remix) Futureshock 6:24
Late At Night (Tomcraft Remix) Futureshock 4:21
Let It Hit On Futureshock 5:15
Mary Go Round (James Talk Remix) Futureshock 4:17
On My Mind Futureshock 3:27
On My Mind Futureshock 5:46
On My Mind Futureshock 2:46
On My Mind Futureshock 3:25
On My Mind Futureshock 3:18
On My Mind Futureshock 1:45
On My Mind Future Shock 1:43
On My Mind (Electric Lounge Session Mix) Futureshock feat. Ben Onono 2:50
On My Mind (Electric Lounge session) (part of a “Café Mambo” DJ‐mix) Futureshock feat. Ben Onono GBAYE0201979 3 2:44
On My Mind (Original Version) Futureshock feat. Ben Onono 5:45
On My Mind (original version) (feat. Ben Onono) Futureshock 5:27
On My Mind (Radio Edit) Futureshock feat. Ben Onono 3:28
Pride's Paranoia Futureshock 4:13
Pride's Paranoia Futureshock 3:13
Pride's Paranoia (part of “Ministry of Sound: Late Night Sessions” DJ-mix) Futureshock 3:45
Pride's Paranoia (Eric Prydz Remix Edit) Futureshock 5:37
Pride's Paranoia (Eric Prydz remix) Futureshock 5:35
Pride's Paranoia (Eric Prydz remix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: The 2004 Annual” DJ‐mix, AU) Futureshock 4:26
Pride's Paranoia (Ewan's Sticking Plaster mix) Futureshock 8:51
Pride's Paranoia (Ewan's Sticking Plaster remix) Futureshock 7:09
Pride's Paranoia (Marco V Remix Edit) Futureshock 3:31
Pride's Paranoia (Original Radio Edit) Futureshock 3:13
Pride's Paranoia (radio edit) Futureshock 3:17
Pride's Paranoia (radio edit) Futureshock 3:15
Pride's Paranoia (radio edit) Futureshock 4:08
Pride’s Paranoia (Ewan Pearson’s Sticking Plaster remix) Futureshock 4:36
Prides Paranoia (Marco V remix) Futureshock 3:22
Satellite Futureshock 4:03
Sparc Futureshock 5:36
Sparc Futureshock 6:03
Sparc Futureshock 4:23
Sparc Futureshock 6:18
Sparc Futureshock 5:57
Sparc Futureshock 6:22
Sparc Futureshock 5:09
Sparc Futureshock 5:48
Sparc Futureshock 4:44
Sparc Futureshock 7:44
Sparc Futureshock 6:13
Sparc Futureshock 4:18
Sparc Futureshock 4:11
Sparc Futureshock 7:08
Sparc Futureshock 4:42
Sparc Futureshock ?:??
Sparc (part of a “Global Underground 018: Nick Warren: Amsterdam” DJ‐mix) Futureshock 6:34
Statikman Futureshock 5:56
The Question (Why Why Why) Futureshock 3:49
The Question (Why Why Why) Futureshock 8:07
The Question (Why Why Why) (part of “Headliners:02: Sister Bliss” DJ-mix) Futureshock 7:19
The Question (Why Why Why) (part of “Love Groove Dance Party” DJ-mix) Futureshock 4:25
The Question (Why, Why, Why) Futureshock 6:46
Wide Open Futureshock 4:35
Zombie Legend (Werksound Nation Part2) Futureshock 5:05

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