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Name ISRCs Rating Length
...For Those Whose Time Has Come 2:04
...of Aeons to Come FR33T9901802 0:55
...With a Bloodstained Axe FR33T9700607 5:17
[silence] 0:04
After the Attack 4:20
Age of Suffering 4:27
As One in Darkness FR33T9901801 7:53
Beneath the Iron Sceptre FR33T9901807 6:56
Blood and Iron 5:50
Breeding the Evil Inside FR33T9700602 9:24
Clouds of Sadness FR33T9700606 2:09
Dead Men Don't Rape FR33T9801107 3:54
Dead Silence FR33T9901804 1:56
Death to a King FR33T9901803 6:42
Deathcrush 3:48
Deathmachine 4:56
Demonblood 5:29
Fields of Blood 5:34
Forced Selfmutilation 5:33
Hell on the Eastern Front 6:22
Hell on the Eastern Front 4:38
Invoking the Apocalypse 4:33
Kärsimyksien vaaleat kädet FR33T9801108 5:05
March to War FR33T9700603 8:21
Mass Destruction 3:58
Mass Destruction ?:??
Monolith of the Dead 4:36
Nightmare of Violence 4:20
Nightshadow FR33T9700605 12:02
Sacrificial Slaughter 5:00
Scarred Lands FR33T9700604 11:28
Sounds of Death FR33T9901806 7:13
Spite FR33T9801105 6:59
The Brighter the Light, The Darker the Shadow FR33T9901808 11:13
The Day of Reckoning FR33T9901805 7:00
The Embodied Cape of Darkness 3:35
The Embodied Core of Darkness FR33T9700601 7:35
The End Offensive (War III) FR33T9801106 5:38
The Return of Wrath 5:49
They Will Arise 4:36

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