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Ramon Zenker
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Our Acid Experience Various Artists
Acperience 5 Hardfloor 8:35
Asbestos in Obstetrics Hardfloor 8:02
Atol (Hardfloor remix) additional Gui Boratto 6:58
Into the Nature Hardfloor 7:51
Into the Nature (Hardfloor remix) Hardfloor 7:50
Into the Nature (Like a Tim remix) Hardfloor 4:35
Into the Nature (Plastikman mix) Hardfloor 10:26
Into the Nature (South of Detroit mix) Hardfloor 12:04
Is There Anybody Out There? (Hardfloor mix edit) additional Bassheads 3:24
Is There Anybody Out There? (Hardfloor mix) additional Bassheads 8:35
It’s No Good (Hardfloor mix) additional Depeche Mode 6:43
Trancescript Hardfloor 8:17
Respect Hardfloor
Respect Hardfloor
Atol (Hardfloor remix) Gui Boratto 6:58
Blue Monday ’95 (Hardfloor mix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: The Annual” DJ‐mix) New Order 7:10
Blue Monday (Hardfloor mix) New Order 8:35
Blue Monday (Hardfloor remix) New Order 5:21
Circus Bells (Hardfloor remix: long version) Robert Armani 8:59
Circus Bells (Hardfloor remix: radio version) Robert Armani 3:54
Circus Bells (Hardfloor remix) Robert Armani 6:48
Circus Bells (Hardfloor remix) Robert Armani 6:57
Circus Bells (Hardfloor remix) Robert Armani 8:08
Circus Bells (Hardfloor remix) Robert Armani 2:09
Circus Bells (Hardfloor remix) Robert Armani 8:51
Elastic (Hardfloor remix) Steve Stoll 5:08
Erotmania (Hardfloor remix) Katana 8:14
Fever Called Love Rising High Collective 7:20
Fever Called Love (Hardfloor remix) Rising High Collective 7:22
Hyper Love (Hardfloor remix) BUCK-TICK 8:09
Into the Nature (Hardfloor remix) Hardfloor 7:50
Is There Anybody Out There? (Hardfloor mix edit) Bassheads 3:24
Is There Anybody Out There? (Hardfloor mix) Bassheads 8:35
Is There Anybody Out There? (Hardfloor remix) Bassheads 8:36
It’s No Good (Hardfloor mix) Depeche Mode 6:43
Let There Be Light (Hardfloor dub) Mike Oldfield 9:33
Let There Be Light (Hardfloor remix) Mike Oldfield 11:19
Mama Konda (Hardfloor remix) Orinoko 7:52
Mantra to the Buddha (Hardfloor remix) Baby Doc and the Dentist 4:51
MOS 6581 (Hardfloor remix) Carbon Based Lifeforms 6:53
Move (remixed by Hardfloor) Mike Dearborn 7:57
Our Darkness (Hardfloor 97 version) Anne Clark 6:14
Pilgrimage to Paradise (Hardfloor mix) Sourmash 3:52
Pilgrimage to Paradise (Hardfloor remix) Sourmash 6:59
Robot (Hardfloor remix) Sven Väth 8:11
Robot (Hardfloor remix) Sven Väth 8:09
Saturation (Hardfloor remix) Deep Space Research 7:18
Seven Steps (Hardfloor remix) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 5” DJ‐mix) Doc in the Box 1:34
Sleeper in Metropolis (Hardfloor 97 version) Anne Clark 6:27
Tangled in My Thoughts (Hardfloor remix) Rising High Collective 6:57
The Realm (Hardfloor dub) C'hantal 7:05
The Realm (Hardfloor remix) C'hantal 6:37
The Realm (Hardfloor remix) C'hantal 8:25
Timeless Altitude (Hardfloor remix) Secret Cinema 7:53
Vicious Games (Headroom remix) Yello 6:53
Whut (Hardfloor remix) Psilodump 7:32
Yeke Yeke (part of a “Cream Classics, Vol 2” DJ‐mix) Mory Kanté 4:55
Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor mix) Mory Kanté 3:54
Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor mix) (part of “Grandmix: The 90s Edition” DJ-mix) Mory Kanté 1:43
Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor mix) Mory Kanté 3:45
Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor mix) (part of “Club Class” DJ-mix) Mory Kanté 6:20
Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor mix) ('98 re-edit) Mory Kanté 5:51
Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor remix) Mory Kanté 6:32