Heartbreak (duo)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Akin to Dancing GBMYF0800035 6:56
Deadly Love (Spaghetti Western Cover) 2:37
Destroy All Power 5:51
Don't Lose My Time GBMYF0800032 4:36
Get the Drive 4:42
Give Me Action GBMYF0800037 4:36
Living Just for Fun GBMYF0800039 4:33
Loving the Alien 7:17
Min tjej viker ut sig i Fibban ?:??
My Tears Electro 6:24
Poison GBMYF0800038 5:09
Regret GBMYF0800031 6:17
Robot's Got the Feeling GBMYF0800034 3:39
Soul Transplant GBMYF0800033 4:10
Soul Transplant (Allez-Allez remix) 5:37
The Deadly Pong of Love GBMYF0800036 4:11
We're Back GBMYF0800027 7:28
We're Back (From the disco mix) 7:27
We're Back (From the Radio edit) 3:49
We're Back (Romantix mix) 6:33
We're Back (Romantix remix) 6:34
We're Back (To the Disco edit) 7:30
We're Back (Vitalic remix) 4:45

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