Ben Briggs (OverClocked ReMixer)

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founded (as Ben Briggs): Tiny Waves
member of: Insert Rupee
original member of (as Ben Briggs): Tiny Waves
performs as: chthonic (OverClocked ReMixer)
founded (as Ben Briggs): Tiny Waves
signed by: GameChops (game music record label)
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Date Title Credited As Artist Length
Kirby Super Star 'Don't Hold My Breath' OC ReMix Benjamin Briggs 4:09
Moguo's Knife Party (Over the Hill) Benjamin Briggs 5:32
Rainy Day (Benjamin Briggs remix) Manami Matsumae 3:17
King K. Rool's Blunterbuss Ben Briggs Ben Briggs 5:13
Nice Vape Chimp Ben Briggs Ben Briggs & arthur x medic 3:41
dankep: Music from Donkey Kong Ben Briggs Tiny Waves
Inverted Vertigo (Ben Briggs remix) Big Giant Circles 3:11
No Party Like a Mojang Party (Ben Briggs remix) Big Giant Circles 3:30