Copywrite (Columbus, Ohio based MC)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Ready, Aim... Copywrite 2:56
Real One Copywrite & Surock 3:02
Retarded Copywrite feat. KingDom 2:40
Retina Scan Coolzey featuring Copywrite 5:37
Rick Roll Copywrite ?:??
Rindin' Out (Shouts) Copywrite 3:02
Rob the Club Copywrite ?:??
Roc Star Copywrite 2:31
Roll Call Tymework feat. Copywrite ?:??
Rule le World Copywrite ?:??
Same As It Ever Was Vast Aire feat. Masai Bey, Camu Tao, El‐P, Copywrite 5:43
Same as It Never Was Copywrite feat. Camu Tao, El‐P, Masai Bey & Vast Aire 5:43
Serotonin Copywrite ?:??
Seven Light Years Copywrite 4:26
Shinin' Copywrite feat. Royce da 5′9″ & Crooked I 2:56
Shotgun Copywrite ?:??
Sintro Copywrite 1:31
Sintro Copywrite 1:29
Size 12's Copywrite 3:05
Slept On Eigh8t The Chosen One feat. Mac Lethal & Copywrite 4:44
Slow Down Copywrite feat. Tage 3:56
Smile Copywrite ?:??
Sorrow Copywrite feat. Illogic 3:49
Special Tactics (remix) Coach One Pure Doze feat. Bimes Ill & Copywrite & Atom One ?:??
Spew the Fire Copywrite feat. Jakki Double M 3:28
Spitball Lives! Coolzey & J. Rawls feat. Copywrite and Bru Lei 3:07
Spitball Lives! Coolzey & J. Rawls feat. Copywrite and Bru Lei 3:07
Stomp Remix PackFM feat. Badd Seed, Copywrite, Poison Pen, Archrival & Sean Price 4:00
Stop Copywrite ?:??
Street Prophets Main Flow feat. Copywrite 3:50
Success (freestyle) Copywrite 3:26
Suicidal Thoughts 2010 Copywrite 2:47
Sum Rap Shit DJ JS‐1 feat. Nut-Rageous, Copywrite & Jak D ?:??
Sunday Night at Mom's Copywrite feat. Camu Tao, Cool Ray Slick AKA Aqwords & Jakki da Motamouth 4:02
Sunday Night at Moms Jakki da Motamouth feat. Aqword, Copywrite and Camu Tao ?:??
Superzeros Copywrite feat. Dank Charnley 3:42
Swaggot Killaz Copywrite feat. Jakki da Motamouth 4:19
Synesthesia Copywrite 2:18
Take It Easy (Hey Dom) Copywrite ?:??
Take Notes Copywrite feat. Catalyst & KingDom 3:36
Takin' Gwop Copywrite 4:04
Ten Times Copywrite 3:29
Ten W.A. Coolzey beat by Copywrite 2:57
Tender Moments with Dominique Larue Myverse and Rass Kass Copywrite ?:??
That Ain’t Me Jakki da Motamouth feat. Copywrite ?:??
That's a Wrap Copywrite feat. KingDom 5:09
That's Y Copywrite 3:01
That’s a Rap Dirty Bizz feat. Copywrite 5:43
The Cypher of Agartha Copywrite & Planet Asia feat. Canibus 3:46
The Fighter Copywrite feat. MHz ?:??
The Final Tower Copywrite feat. Motion Man, Dom, Poison Pen & Marv Won 6:41
The Man Without A Face Andy Kayes & Copywrite 3:10
The Music 'n Me Copywrite 3:33
The Next Episode #1 Copywrite 2:31
The Next Episode #2 Copywrite 2:00
The Only Weathermen Song Copywrite feat. Cage, Jakki Da Mota Mouth, Tage Future, Vast Aire, Yak Ballz feat. feat. Cage, Jakki da Motamouth, Tage Future, Vast Aire & Yak Ballz 6:51
The Real Fake Shady (remix) Copywrite 2:39
The Return Copywrite 3:07
The Zone Copywrite feat. Meta4ce Omega & KingDom 3:06
Theme Music Copywrite feat. Jakki tha Mota Mouth 3:25
Theme Music Jakki da Motamouth feat. Copywrite ?:??
Thieve's World Copywrite feat. Jakki Double M, KingDom & Tage 4:36
Thoroughbred Illmaculate feat. Copywrite & Only One 3:44
Three Poisonous Darts Formula One feat. Copywrite & Camu Tao 4:39
Three Story Building Copywrite feat. Dilated Peoples and MF Grimm ?:??
Three Words Copywrite feat. Camu Tao & Tage Proto 3:24
Three Words Copywrite feat. Camu Tao & Tage 3:22
Throwin' Punches Copywrite, Prone 2 & The Rhyminal ?:??
Tic Toc Copywrite 4:42
Time Doesn't Stop Copywrite feat. Jakki da Motamouth 3:20
Toto's Shit Copywrite 2:17
Tower of Babble Copywrite feat. Smut Peddlers 4:07
Trooper Copywrite feat. Sean Price ?:??
Trouble Copywrite & Surock 4:25
Twist It Copywrite 4:33
U Must O Dot Allstars feat. Catalyst, Copywrite, Tage & Kingdom ?:??
Union Rights Copywrite feat. MHz 4:10
Unter Strom Revilo feat. Copywrite 4:11
Up All Night Copywrite 4:05
Up All Night Copywrite & Planet Asia 4:21
Volume Dial Goes to 11 Copywrite & Planet Asia feat. Ill Burns Green 2:52
Waiting 2 Inhale Copywrite 4:14
Warfare Bombdrop feat. Dana, Copywrite & Crisis 4:04
Weather Report Copywrite feat. Cage 3:17
What You Say Copywrite feat. Camu Tao & Vast Aire 4:18
White Democrats Copywrite feat. Mac Lethal 3:13
Widespread Jakki da Motamouth feat. Copywrite of MHz 5:10
Wish You Were Here Copywrite ?:??
With Us Cage feat. Copywrite ?:??
With Us Copywrite feat. Cage 3:20
Won't Stop Copywrite 3:50
Words From Grace Copywrite 0:10
Workahol Copywrite 4:48
Writin Raw Shit Sick for Brains feat. Copywrite 2:47
Y.O.G.A. Stretch Copywrite 5 ?:??
Ya Time's Up Copywrite feat. Bru Lei & PRZM 2:35
Yasiin Bey Copywrite & Surock 2:54
YO! MTV Raps (Money for Nothing) Copywrite feat. Jason Rose 5:18

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