Copywrite (Columbus, Ohio based MC)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(O.H.) Ten Times Copywrite 3:54
7 Light Years Copywrite 4:29
10 Times Copywrite 3:33
A Talk With Jesus/Opium Prodigies Copywrite 8:34
A Word From Afrika Bambaataa Copywrite 0:15
A Word From Katt Williams Copywrite 0:40
Aa Meeting Copywrite feat. Jakki da Motamouth & KingDom 4:11
Agent O Copywrite 3:22
Agent-O Freestyle Copywrite 3:25
Alive Copywrite feat. Motion Man ?:??
Almighty Jose (White Rino mix) Vast Aire feat. Copywrite & Karniege 4:50
Alright Copywrite 2:25
Anti-Heroes Smut Peddlers feat. Copywrite 4:03
Anti-Heros Copywrite feat. Mr. Eon 4:00
Are You Listening? J. Rawls feat. Bad Azz, Copywrite & Ed O.G. 3:51
Attitude Problem Rhyme Asylum feat. Copywrite 4:20
Away Message Copywrite feat. Tage 3:56
Axe Me Copywrite feat. Playdough ?:??
B Movie Copywrite & Surock feat. D1 & P. Blackk 4:04
Badabing Copywrite 3:52
Baptism by Fire (Prelude) Copywrite ?:??
Beautiful Trainwreck Copywrite feat. Tage 4 4:00
Best in Show Copywrite feat. Planet Asia and Tage Future ?:??
Best In Show Copywrite & Planet Asia feat. Tage 4:25
Best Seller Copywrite 3:32
Best Seller (remix) Copywrite 3:25
Big Business Copywrite & Planet Asia feat. DJ Scratch Johnson 3:09
Big Man on Campus Copywrite 3:53
Blest Copywrite feat. Nes Wordz & Tage ?:??
Blue Ribbon Copywrite 3:54
Bored Copywrite ?:??
Born Again Copywrite ?:??
Bottom Line Rated R, Trillian & Copywrite 4:09
Break With Ease Jakki da Motamouth feat. Copywrite 3:56
Bubble Gum Crisis Copywrite feat. Camu Tao, Cool Ray Slick, Flu-Kat, Papa Smurf & Phizz Ed 3:52
By The Bay Kryptic feat. Copywrite 4:16
Can U Relate? Copywrite 1:59
Candy Copywrite feat. Dom 3:05
Centerlude Copywrite 1:11
Cheese Factory The High & Mighty feat. Copywright 4:54
Chill @ the Bar (OG unreleased version) Copywrite 4:08
Chill at the Bar Copywrite 3:51
Clap! Copywrite 2:40
Class Struggle Alterbeats feat. Main Flow & Copywrite ?:??
Class Struggle Main Flow/Copywrite/Solicit 3:44
Colors '07 Copywrite 2:30
Columbus Jakki da Motamouth feat. Copywrite 2:10
Columbus Jakki da Motamouth feat. Copywrite ?:??
Confessional Copywrite ?:??
Conversation Copywrite & Planet Asia 0:52
Crazy (As I Used 2 B) Copywrite 3:55
Cremation Copywrite ?:??
Cripple Copywrite feat. Catalyst & Nes Wordz ?:??
Crocodile Smile Copywrite & Planet Asia feat. U‐God 3:23
Crooked Cop Copywrite feat. Crooked I ?:??
Crooked Cop, Part 2 Copywrite feat. Crooked I 3:43
Cruise Control Intro (live From the C/O) Copywrite 0:18
Dead Weathermen (clean) El-P feat. Vast Aire, Cage, Camu Tao & Copywrite 3:54
Deja Vu (Once Again) Copywrite feat. Tage 2:47
Don't Kill Me Copywrite ?:??
Eastern Conference All Stars Tame One feat. Copywrite, J-Zone, Cage, Mr. Eon, Skillz & Camu Tao 4:17
Eastern Conference All Stars (Mighty Mi Air Max ’95 remix) Tame One feat. Copywrite, J-Zone, Cage, Mr. Eon, Skillz & Camu Tao 3:52
EC Allstars Copywrite feat. Cage, Camu Tao, J-Zone, Mad Skillz, Mr. Eon & Tame One 4:15
End From Scratch/Maggot Brain ( Parts 1 & 2 ) Copywrite & Planet Asia 4:07
Enterlude Copywrite 1:08
Every Rapper in the House Shut the Fuck Up Copywrite feat. Cage & Yak 3:48
Everyday Copywrite feat. Planet Asia & Tri State 3:37
Exitlude Copywrite 0:22
Exitlude Copywrite 0:18
Felony Offenders Cas Metah feat. Playdough, Deacon the Villain & Copywrite 4:30
Fire It Up Copywrite 3:51
Fire It Up Copywrite 3:47
Fire Reign Killah Priest feat. Copywrite & Jakki da Mota Mouth 2 ?:??
Fire Shots Copywrite feat. Killah Priest 3:07
Firin' (Target Practice) Copywrite 1:14
Forbidden Scriptures Jakki da Motamouth feat. Vakill, Copywrite and Camu Tao ?:??
Forbidden Scriptures Vakill feat. Breeze Evahflowin, Jakki, Camu Tao & Copywrite 5:08
Forbidden Scriptures Breez Evahflowin feat. Jakki, Camu Tao, Copywrite and Vakill ?:??
Forbidden Scriptures Copywrite feat. Breeze Evahflowin, Camu Tao, Jakki da Motamouth & Vakill 5:08
Forever and a Day Copywrite feat. Middle Distance Runner ?:??
Foxhole Tones, Hi-Q, Cliff Clavin, Copywrite, Taboo & DJ TMB ?:??
Fuck Soundcheck Copywrite 4:19
Fuck Soundcheck Copywrite 4:14
Fucksoundcheck Copywrite 4:18
Future Throwback Copywrite feat. Jet Jaguar ?:??
G$K Copywrite 3:58
Get Busy Marco Polo feat. Copywrite 4:25
Gimme Dat Mic Vast Aire feat. Copywrite 3 3:50
Gold & Bronze Magik Canibus feat. Bronze Nazareth & Copywrite 5:32
Gold & Bronze Magik Copywrite 1:42
Golden State (of Mind) Copywrite feat. Casual, Evidence & Roc Marciano 4:27
Got the Shit Locked Beats by Rudebwoay feat. Copywrite 3:18
Got to Make It Copywrite feat. Tage Future 3:28
Grand Larceny Copywrite feat. Shabaam Shadiq & Thirstin Howl III 2:58
Gut You (original demo version) Copywrite feat. Camu Tao & Yak Ballz 3:03
H.B.T. Copywrite 5:28
Halloween in Honolulu Copywrite 2:56
Happy Hour (P.Y.P.) Copywrite 2:31
Hate Copywrite ?:??
He Burns Trees Copywrite 2:24

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